Visitor Guard® health insurance for travelers

Visitor Guard® offers dependable and trustworthy travel health insurance for parents from foreign countries and tourists visiting USA. Plans pay for a range of health benefits including hospitalization, doctor visits, prescription drugs and acute on of pre-existing conditions. Choose from Fixed benefit or Comprehensive plans.


After deductible is met, plan provides benefits up to your chosen policy maximum for a Comprehensive policy or up to the pre-defined limit in case of a Fixed benefit plan.

Doctor Visits

Covered up to chosen policy maximum in case of a comprehensive policy or up to the pre-defined limit in case of a Fixed Benefit plan after the deductible is met.


Certain plans offer dental benefits in case of an accidental injury to sound natural teeth or for a sudden pain to natural teeth.


Policies offer benefits for blood work, x-rays, MRIs and other diagnostic procedures for covered illnesses and injuries if prescribed by a doctor.


Prescription benefits as per the Schedule of Benefits for a new prescription after the effective date of the policy.


An acute onset of a pre-existing condition for ages below 70 can be covered as per the schedule of benefits.

Service & Claim Teams in the US

When non US citizens visiting the US are insured by a visitor insurance plan, the plan steps in and pays for treatment costs that occur when the visitor falls sick and or is injured. It could be a minor illness such as a cold or something more major such as a fracture or even a heart attack. Different aspects of treatment including ambulance, hospitalization, physician visits and prescription drugs are taken care of.

The premium depends on the age of the visitor, the length of coverage, medical maximum, deductible and type of plan. The medical maximum ranges from $10,000 to $2million. The benefits can be per incident or for the life of the plan. A range of deductibles from $0 to $2500 are. The plan could offer fixed benefits or be comprehensive. When the benefits are limited, it means that for each service the amount covered is fixed, whereas with the comprehensive plans, the medical maximum is the limit.

You can reach and talk to a licensed agent in the event you need any clarifications. Licensed agents are based in the US. Claims Administrators are also based in the US and process the claims in conjunction with the providers’ offices.

Visitor travel Insurance

Benefits from the time you leave your country for hospitalization, ambulance, evacuation prescription drugs and acute onset of a pre-existing condition. No medical examinations required; Confirmations including ID Cards received immediately. Easy online application.