Visitors Insurance for High Cholesterol

Many travel insurance companies set their rates for people who do not have existing medical conditions. This works well for people in that category, but if you have a pre-existing condition, such as high cholesterol, which causes emergency health problems while abroad, it may not cover your medical need. To be covered, it is necessary to buy visitors insurance for high cholesterol.


What is high cholesterol?

The body naturally produces certain lipids (fats) in the liver. These are classified into two main types – good (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). Additional amounts come from the food you eat – mainly from fatty meats. When there is too much of the bad cholesterol, it can accumulate along the walls of your arteries and cause blockages. Having the right levels of HDL can help prevent this problem.

Ongoing high cholesterol levels can be a serious problem. As it accumulates, it can cause:

  • A narrowing of your arteries
  • Coronary heart disease
  • A heart attack
  • A mini-stroke (TIA)
  • A stroke.


Getting treatment for high cholesterol levels will usually mean medications and restrictions in your diet. Even though your cholesterol levels are under control, it does not mean you will be able to avoid paying more for travel insurance.

 What visitors insurance will cover and exclude

Purchasing visitor’s insurance normally covers a lot of issues, but these will vary from one company to the next. Coverage usually provides funds for medical situations that are not related to a pre-existing condition, or that can be connected to a pre-existing condition.

Exclusions can include a lot of things, particularly if a doctor has made a note of it in the recent past – such as high cholesterol. If a doctor has ever said you need to watch your cholesterol, this likely will be excluded if a claim should ever be made. You can, however, get additional coverage for exclusions.

The coverage is called a waiver of a pre-existing condition. You may also want to get an acute onset of a pre-existing condition coverage if there is a possibility that the condition may return – or if you are taking medication for it. In some cases, the benefit may only apply to conditions not generated or reoccurred within the past 12 months.

When you consider the prices at major clinics and hospitals, it is easy to understand why coverage is so important. The Coronary Care unit, and Intensive Care is $4,479 per day. A CBC blood test is $78. Many treatments must be pre-certified before you receive it, too. In Manhattan, a doctor’s visit will cost an average of $108. Cholesterol medication, Crestor, will cost about $275 for a 30 day supply.

  • Coverage with the Liaison® Travel Medical Series

The Liaison series offers three levels of coverage to those traveling abroad. It can be purchased for a trip of five days or longer up to three years. Maximum Medical Amounts range from $50,000 to $5 million. Deductible options start out at $0 and go up to $5,000. Coinsurance pays 100% of the bill while outside of the United States. In the U.S., it starts out at 80% of the first $5,000 for in-network providers and pays 100% to the maximum. 70% is for out-of-network providers for first $5,000, and then 100% to the maximum.

Hospital Indemnity outside of the U.S. provides $100 per night for a maximum of 30 days per occurrence, and the Elite Plan pays $250 per night for up to 30 days. If you have a medical emergency and you must be evacuated or repatriated. The Economy Plan pays $250,000, and the Elite Plan pays up to $1 million. If there is a reoccurrence of a pre-existing condition and you have coverage for it, those between 0 and 69 receive up to $25,000, and those over 70 get $5,000.Travelers under the Elite Plan who are 0 to 64 receive up to the medical maximum if they have a primary health plan, and up to $50,000 if they do not have one. Those who are 65+ can receive $2,500.

  • Coverage with Safe Travels USA

The Safe Travels program offers coverage for travelers who leave their home country for five days to one year, but it is renewable for two more years. There are five levels of maximum coverage: $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000, and $1,000,000. The deductible goes from $0 up to $5,000. The co-insurance pays 80% of the first $5,000, and then 100% up to the policy’s maximum. If an Emergency Medical Evacuation is needed, the Plan will pay 100% of up to $2 million to take you to the nearest hospital or to your own country.

For a hospital room, the medical plan provides coverage at the average rate for a semi-private room. In the case of ICU, the payment is at three times the rate of the average semi-private room. When there is a sudden reoccurrence of a pre-existing condition, the plan will pay only the first $1,000, and it only applies when you are outside your own country.

Tips for people who have the condition and are traveling

If you have high cholesterol and want to reduce your risk of heart-related problems before you take your trip, there are some things you can do. Various lifestyle changes will help you lower your cholesterol levels and bring it under control. Dietary restrictions include eating less fatty meat – and less meat in general and adding more fruits and vegetables to your regular meals. Regular exercise also helps, as well as quitting smoking.

Before taking out any travel insurance policy or special coverage, such as the Seven Corners Plans, be sure that you understand the details. Ask an agent about any questions you have before purchasing.