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Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) coverage is something most people don’t want to think about when they’re planning travel. However, it’s very important for some travelers. Travel inherently involves risks, whether it be transportation or activities. 

AD and D insurance works much like a typical life insurance plan; you will name a beneficiary when purchasing your plan. In the event of your death or injury during travel, that individual would receive the benefits included in the plan. When you purchase coverage, be sure to purchase an appropriate plan according to your needs and family situation. 

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D Insurance) 

When you purchase a global accidental death (AD and D) insurance plan, it will adequately protect you against the serious immediate and long-term financial risks arising from an accidental bodily injury or accidental death while you are traveling outside your home country. 

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Global Accident Protection Plan

Benefits up to $1 million
  • Benefits up to $1 million
  • Coverage for paralysis, coma, airbag/seatbelt accident, and assault.
  • Emergency reunion
  • Coverage for the risk of war
  • Evacuation benefits – medical, political, or natural disaster
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Who is Eligible to Purchase a Global Accident Protection Plan? 

People who are traveling outside their home country are eligible to purchase GAPP for accidental death and dismemberment benefits, as well as optional medical evacuation benefits. You can buy this plan for a minimum period of one day and a maximum period of 365 days. 

You can purchase this AD&D coverage as an individual or for two adults along with any dependent and unmarried children (in the age group of 14 days to 17 years), or for children who are traveling abroad alone. Travel to Iran and certain other locations are not covered under this policy. A few other exceptions may also apply. 

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

How does GAPP work? 

  • The Global Accident Protection Plan (GAPP) will offer you a number of AD&D benefits as well as medical evacuation benefits (optional) if you are traveling abroad. 
  • AD and D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment) benefits are provided if your bodily injury causes death or dismemberment. The benefits will apply if the said injury occurs within 365 days from the date of coverage is a type of accident that is covered in the policy. 
  • Additionally, you have the option to purchase medical evacuation benefits with the GAPP plan. If you suffer a serious injury or illness away from your home country, your risk of complications increases, and the medical expenses involved may also be very high if you are uninsured or under-insured. 
  • In many international locations, access to reliable medical facilities and surgical expertise may be very limited. This is where the Medical Evacuation coverage can be immensely useful; it will cover your costs of urgent and safe medical transportation to a location that is more appropriate for your needs. 
  • You can buy a GAPP plan with or without medical evacuation benefits. Various other optional riders are also offered to suit your requirements. 
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Global Accident Protection Plan (GAPP) is Ideal for 

  • Business or Leisure Travel 
  • Individuals Traveling Outside of Their Home Country 
  • Employees Traveling Internationally for Their Company 
  • Individuals Who Are Participating in Hazardous Activities or Sports 
  • Individuals Traveling to War Risk Areas 

Global Accident Protection Plan – Benefits Explained 

Coverage for accidental death, dismemberment, loss of speech, sight, and hearing while you are traveling abroad: 

  • Principal Sum for adults: $100,000 
  • Principal Sum for children: $25,000

Note: The option of Enhanced AD&D benefit of up to $1 million is available for adults (not for children). 

This coverage means that if you suffer a bodily injury from a covered accident resulting in death or dismemberment within 365 days after the date of the accident, this GAPP plan will provide a benefit of the Principal Sum for the loss of any one of the following: 

  • Life: both hands; both feet; the sight of both eyes; one hand and one foot; or one hand or foot and one eye’s sight. In case of a loss of either hand or foot or one eye’s sight, the benefit will be one-half of the Principal Sum. 
  • Paralysis: If you are rendered paralyzed in a covered accident within 365 days after the date of the accident, you will receive the following percentage of the Principal Sum (Maximum Amount) for a specific type of paralysis: Quadriplegia 100%; Paraplegia 75%; Hemiplegia 50%; and Uniplegia 25%.
  • Coma:  If you are rendered comatose due to a covered accident within 90 days after the accident occurred, and if the coma persists for 30 days consecutively, you will receive a monthly benefit of 1% of the Principal Sum.
  • Airbag/Seatbelt Death:  If the insured person dies in an automobile accident as a driver or as a passenger when the automobile had a properly installed and defect-free airbag and the deceased was wearing a correctly fastened seatbelt, their beneficiaries will receive a benefit.
  • Assault:  If you suffer one or more losses in a felonious assault, which are covered under AD&D benefits or coma benefits, you will receive a benefit.
  • Vehicle Modification and Home Alteration:  If you have to incur one or both of these losses within one year after the accident, you will be paid for the covered vehicle modification and home alteration costs.

Global Accident Protection Plan – Medical Evacuation Benefits 

Emergency Medical Evacuation: If you need urgent transportation to another location because of inappropriate medical facilities at your current location, you will receive benefits for covered expenses incurred up to $500,000 for a covered injury or illness. 

Repatriation: If there is a medical necessity that requires you to return to your home country to protect from an acute or life-threatening injury or illness covered in the plan, you will receive benefits for the transportation costs incurred within 90 days from the date of the covered injury or illness. 

Return of Remains: In case of death, your beneficiaries will be paid for the customary and reasonable covered expenses to return your mortal remains to your home country. 

Emergency Medical Reunion: It there is a medical necessity that requires your emergency medical evacuation, arrangements will be made under this plan to bring a person of your choice from your home country to stay with you during your period of hospitalization and then accompany you back home. 

Return of Minor Children: If you are traveling alone with one or more minor children, and your hospitalization renders them unattended, this plan will pay for one-way economy airfare for the children’s return to the home country. 

Political or Natural Disaster Evacuation: If you require emergency evacuation because of a political situation or a natural disaster that places you in imminent bodily harm, you will receive a benefit of up to $50,000 under this plan. 

Note: Certain exclusions may apply to any of the plans described in this guide. 

ad&d for individuals traveling outside of their home country

Global Accident Protection Plan (GAPP)

GAPP provides Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) benefits and optional Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation benefits for anyone traveling outside their home country. This plan does not include medical accident and sickness coverage.

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Accidental death and Dismemberment Insurance FAQ

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance covers loss of speech, eyesight or hearing, loss of limbs or fingers, coma or paralysis and death as a result of an accident. The insurance company defines accidental death as an event that strictly occurs as a result of an accident.

Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance pays out in certain instances of death by accident, but not for natural causes or illness. It can cover loss of speech, eyesight or hearing, loss of limbs or finger, coma or paralysis and death as a result accident. Life insurance on the other hand provides financial protection for your family in most cases of death and will pay out if you die by accident or illness. AD&D insurance costs lower than a life insurance policy.

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