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Health Insurance for International Students in USA

The right International Student Insurance for the USA helps college students reduce their health insurance costs and protect themselves from unexpected medical bills while studying abroad. 

Visitor Guard®: For A Peaceful University Life

Visitor Guard® provides all international students with affordable, comprehensive health insurance plans to cover their back in a foreign country. With our flexible and customized plans, you can make lifelong memories without any worry. 

An health insurance for international students in USA from Visitor Guard® makes it easy to get the protection you need without all the hassle. We offer comprehensive and affordable insurance plans that fit all your needs and provide key coverage including mental health, sports, medical attention, maternity, and more. 

Health Insurance for International Students in USA

Best Health Insurance for International Students in USA

Patriot America Plus

$75 / mo For age 24 years with $50,000 plan and $250 deductible
  • Plan maximum limits ranging from $50,000 to $1 million
  • Deductible options from $0 to $2,500
  • Coverage for Hospitalization, ER, Urgent Care, Dr. Office Visits, Prescription Drugs, Covid-19
  • Coverage for non-chronic Acute Onset of Pre-existing conditions
  • Coverage from 5 days to 2 years
  • Brochure
  • Review Plan
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Atlas America

$52 / mo For age 24 years with $100,000 plan and $500 deductible
  • Plan maximum limits ranging from $50,000 to $2 million
  • Deductible options from $0 to $5,000
  • Coverage for Hospitalization, ER, Urgent Care, Dr. Office Visits, Prescription Drugs, Covid-19
  • Coverage for non-chronic Acute Onset of Pre-existing conditions
  • Coverage from 5 days to 364 days
  • Brochure
  • Review Plan
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Student Secure

$50 / mo For age 24 years with $250,000 plan and $90 deductible
  • Plan maximum limits ranging from $100,000 to $500,000
  • Deductible options from $25 to $50 based on the plan
  • Coverage for Hospitalization, ER, Urgent Care, Dr. Office Visits, Prescription Drugs, Mental Health, Pregnancy, Covid-19 (excluded on the Smart plan)
  • Coverage for non-chronic Acute Onset of Pre-existing conditions
  • Coverage from 5 days to 364 days
  • Brochure
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Study USA

$37 / mo For age 24 years with $200,000 plan and $250 deductible
  • Plan maximum limits ranging from $100,000 to $500,000
  • Deductible options from $25 to $250
  • Coverage for Hospitalization, ER, Urgent Care, Dr. Office Visits, Prescription Drugs, Mental health, Pregnancy
  • Coverage for Covid-19 (excluded on Basic)
  • Coverage from 30 days to 4 years
  • Brochure
  • Review Plan
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$57 / mo For age 24 years with $100,000 plan and $250 deductible
  • Plan maximum limits ranging from $50,000 to $500,000
  • Deductible options from $0 to $500
  • Coverage for Hospitalization, ER, Urgent Care, Dr. Office Visits, Prescription Drugs, Covid-19
  • Coverage for Pre-existing conditions after 12 months of continuous coverage
  • Coverage from 5 days to 48 continuous months
  • Brochure
  • Review Plan
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$135 / mo For age 24 years with $300,000 plan and $100 deductible
  • Plan maximum limits ranging from $50,000 to $500,000
  • Deductible of $100 per incident
  • Coverage for Hospitalization, ER, Urgent Care, Dr. Office Visits, Prescription Drugs, Mental Health, Pregnancy, Covid-19
  • Coverage for Pre-existing conditions after 6 month waiting period
  • Coverage from 1 months to maximum of 60 months
  • Brochure
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$94 / mo For age 24 years with $500,000 plan and $250 deductible
  • Plan maximum limit choices from $500,000 and a $1 million
  • Deductible options from $0 to $5,000
  • Coverage for Hospitalization, ER, Urgent Care, Dr. Office Visits, Prescription Drugs, Covid -19
  • Unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing condition( for US citizens)
  • Renewal Coverage from 5 days to 2 years
  • Brochure
  • Review Plan
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Benefits of having International Student Insurance in USA 

International student medical insurance helps students cover their medical bills and prevent financial crises during any emergency by having their back against all odds. 

  1. Hospital Care Covers your hospital and medicine costs without burning a hole in your pocket.    
  2. Emergency Medical Evacuation Get yourself covered for any emergency medical evacuation in the USA. 
  3. Mental Healthcare Pay your counseling and therapy bills with our comprehensive care policies.   
  4. Pre-Existing Diseases Cover any medical expenses for your pre-existing diseases with one plan. 
  5. Repatriation of Remains Get your repatriation costs covered in case of any unfortunate incident.  

Why choose our US International Student Insurance plans?

Visitor Guard®offers unique student health insurance policies specially created to meet Visa requirements. Designed to offer exceptional value for international students, our international student health insurance plans are all you need for a worryless and comfortable college experience. 

  1. Economical Insurance Premiums Best insurance values at super affordable prices for a hassle-free student experience. 
  2. Prompt Customer Assistance Quick and accurate customer support is available round the clock.
  3. Easy, Smooth Process Buy your perfect insurance plan instantly with our quick and seamless process.  
  4. Family Plan Cover your family members and relatives traveling to meet you overseas.
International Student Health Insurance

Best Health Insurance For International Students in the USA

As an international student, it is very important to make sure you have comprehensive health insurance. We, at Visitor Guard®, provide international student medical insurance plans that are designed to fit the needs of every international student regardless of their financial constraints or individual needs.

We help students feel comfortable and secure while studying in the USA with our comprehensive, affordable, and personalized different types of international student insurance plans. From applications to filing claims, we are here to help you along the way. 

Our mission is to provide flexible student insurance to protect international students from out-of-pocket obligations and one-size-fits-all international health insurance offerings to help them make the most of their university life and college experience. Do you have any doubts? Go through our international student insurance review section! You will get a clear picture of how these comprehensive plans have helped the students without letting them sacrifice their dreams of pursuing education abroad. 

How to Buy a International Student Insurance plan for USA?

As an international student, you might feel overwhelmed to find the right student insurance plan for you. But it is pretty easy if you follow the process.

First, you need to check the insurance requirements for your school. You can find about it online in most cases. If your school does not have a mandatory insurance plan, it might need you to fill out a waiver plan to sign up for an outside insurance policy. 

If your school does not have any mandatory insurance plan, you can choose a plan according to your preference.

Check for these parameters while choosing a student insurance form-

  • Eligibility
  • Benefits
  • Plan benefits and exclusions
  • Payment options
  • Coverage amounts
  • Cancellation policy and
  • Insurance ratings

Contact your school if it requires you to have a specific mandatory policy.


How to find Best International Student Insurance (F, J visas)

Who Needs International Student Insurance?

In most cases, you need to show proof of medical insurance while enrolling for classes if you are an international student (F-1 or J-1 visa) or a dependent (F-2 or J-2 visa).

You do not have to go through the complication of medical check-ups while applying for medical insurance throughVisitor Guard®. You can simply fill-up the form on top with the basic information of your name, age, date of birth, etc. The confirmation process is done quickly and you get your ID card and all relevant documents mailed to you. The insurance can activate from the very next day, or a later date according to your choice.

You will need this insurance plan if-

  • You are a student studying in the US away from your home country
  • In an English as a second language program (ESL)
  • In a technical school
  • Or in an OPT program

Others like exchange visitors or au pairs need to have a J-1 Visa Medical Insurance.


Who needs International student health insurance?


When to purchase your international student insurance policy

You have to buy your medical insurance before your classes resume as most policies cannot backdate your coverage.

You need to compare the plans available and choose the policy best suited to you, you also need to wait till the coverage activates. So it is always safe to buy your visitor insurance policy ahead of time.

Most schools offer their own insurance policies, though you can always opt for an outside insurance policy. You need to submit a waiver form to your school in this case, which you will find on your school website. According to your school’s preference, the coverage will be for a semester or more.

You will receive the documents of your policy after choosing a plan and making the payment with all your details submitted. The time may vary depending upon the insurance provider and whether the documents are delivered to you electronically via mail or not.

Depending upon the plan, some policies can activate from the next day of your submission. In some other cases, the coverage will start from the 1st of the month if you submit the documents between the 16th to 31st day of the month before the previous month.

For example, if you submit the form on 1st January, it will activate from 1st February. But if you submit on 20th January, it will not activate before 1st March.

International Student Insurance Cost

Student Age

Medical Limit

Insurance Price

Less than
18 years
18 to 29 years
30 to 39 years

Know Before You Go: International Student Health Insurance

Most US universities require you to have a comprehensive insurance plan while enrolling. The USA is expensive in terms of medical treatment, and a small injury or illness can cost you a significant amount. So having International Student Insurance can safeguard you in terms of maintaining a budget and get treated duly without any worry about the payment. With the various types of visas, we offer for every type of visa holder including F1, F2, J1, J2, etc.

And in most cases, you can avail of an insurance plan with the same coverage but at a much lesser cost when you purchase one from outside your school. If you are an international student living in the USA with your families, they also can get coverage in your student medical insurance.

How to Apply for International Student Insurance in USA?

04 - list
Step 1:-Understand school requirements

Check what your school requires from you in terms of insurance plans

visitor-guard - Union_5
Step 2:-Check the available plans

Fill up the form above and get a list of plans according to your needs

visitor-guard - shuffle
Step 3:-Compare with a plan

Compare a few insurance plans and check their respective coverages, benefits, exclusions, and pricing

visitor-guard - buy
Step 4:-Apply for a Plan

Apply for the plan that covers all your needs and purchase online

Your Complete Guide to Health insurance for international students in USA

  1. How to Pay for your International Student Health Insurance policy  
    Many agents and insurance companies accept major credit cards, you may also need to pay by check in some cases. You can open health savings accounts for these types of accounts, as it will save you from taxes. Not all policies allow this option, so check with your agent before opening the account.
  2. Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Under International Student Insurance
    if you have any pre-existing medical condition, it predates your insurance activation date. So you have to check whether that is included in the plan. Some plans even include the acute onset of pre-existing diseases. Check carefully for the benefits and exclusions to get all your needs covered.
  3. Exclusions on Your Student Health Plan
    Exclusions for student insurance plan vary for different plans, but the most common ones are
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Maternity
  • Mental health-related
  • Prescription drug coverage

Other common exclusions are elective surgeries, conditions related to alcohol and drug abuse, congenital illnesses, STIs, and self-inflicted injuries.

Check whether there is a waiting period for benefits like maternity and mental health, wellness checks, and pre-existing conditions.

4. Reliability of Plans: Is Your Travel Insurance Plan Trustworthy?
You need to be extra careful to choose reliable and trustworthy insurance providers among all the plans available at this time.

Always check the travel insurance reviews and the financial rating of the respective insurance underwriter.

  • Student Secure
  • Student Express
  • Visit the USA
  • Patriot Exchange
  • Study USA
  • WorldMed

Information required for international student medical insurance

You do not need to go through any medical check-ups while applying for medical insurance. But you need to have some basic information handy to make the purchasing process smooth and quick-

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Student ID
  • Gender
  • Permanent address
  • Mailing address
  • Family details (if there is your spouse or any dependents living with you)
  • Coverage dates


Advantages of International Student Insurance in USA

visitor-guard - first-aid-kit-1

Medical Limit (Hospitals & Doctors)

You can choose medical maximum limits from $50,000 and more.

visitor-guard - buy


Most plans have a deductible of $50 or $100 per injury or incident. The deductible is typically waived, and a minimum copay of $5 applied if the policyholder is treated at a Student Health Center.

visitor-guard - Union_4


Many plans pay 100% up to the chosen policy maximum per injury/sickness in-network, once the deductible has been met. Others cover 80% of the first $10,000 or $25,000 and 100% thereafter.

05 - name

Evacuation Benefit

All international student insurance plans cover medical evacuation, with coverage ranging from a $50,000 to $500,000 lifetime maximum.

visitor-guard - form


Repatriation benefits vary between plans. The maximum coverage ranges from $25,000 to $200,000 for the return of mortal remains or local funeral services.

visitor-guard - 6-layers

Waiver Form

Many universities require students purchasing insurance from outside their school to complete an insurance waiver form. You can download the waiver form, complete your part of the form and email it to us for completion. Once completed, it will be faxed to your school.

Insurance for international student on OPT Work permit

What Information is Required on the Application?

Some essential information is required when filling out the application for a health insurance plan. It helps if you have this information available, to make the process quick and stress-free.

You will be asked to provide:
• Name 
• Birthdate
• Student ID
• Gender
• Permanent address
• Mailing address
• Family details (Spouse and dependents, if applicable)
• Coverage dates

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How to Use Your Insurance Policy

Hopefully, you will never need to use your student insurance plan. But if any emergency ever arises, here are the steps you should follow-

Check your plans PPO Network

You should always try to visit a doctor, hospital, or care center within your network. You can get the list of the places online using your zip code.

Verify benefits

Keep your ID card handy. And if you have not done it already, print it out. You can call the number mentioned there to be sure of the benefits again.

Book an appointment with the provider

Book an appointment using your ID card. You can go to your campus health center or an in-network doctor for treatment.

Insurance Claims Process  

How long do you need to wait to get reimbursement?

  • After you file a claim, the reimbursement check will take time to come depending on multiple factors like your medical condition, the treatment, the PPO network, and your international student insurance plan conditions.
  • Most insurance agencies need you or the provider to submit a claim within 90 days of treatment. Talk to your agent about their typical wait times.
  • If you do not submit relevant documents within the stipulated time frame, claims can be denied. Submit the crucial information upfront to get a faster response to get a claim.
  • Prevent the late issue by submitting a complete claim form along with a copy of all your relevant documents like receipts and medical records. If your provider delays sending your medical record, it will cost you time too. You can follow up with your provider to check they submitted all the documents.


How to complete International student insurance application?
Follow this process to submit a claim
  • Download and complete the appropriate Claims Form
  • Attach copies of all the pages of the passport
  • Attach the itemized bills
  • Submit the above within the stipulated time (Most companies have a 60- 90-days limit after seeing the provider)
  • Follow up on your Claim by calling the appropriate claim Number

It is a good practice to keep a copy of the entire claims documents after you submit the claim for processing.

OPT Health Insurance for International Students

OPT or Optional Practical Training is a period during which any international undergraduate or graduate student with F-1 visas can work for a year on a student visa to get practical training as a complementary to their education. They have to complete or pursue their degrees for one or more academic years, as stated in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

These students are not studying in a University, so are not under any student insurance in most cases. As these international students on F-1 visas are not permanent residents or US citizens, they cannot opt for any domestic medical insurance like Obamacare.

So you are at risk of losing a significant amount of money if an emergency were to arise. It is always advisable to seek good comprehensive medical insurance during your time to stay on an OPT.

Typically, insurance plans for OPT students exclude pre-existing conditions, vision care, dental treatment, maternity, and preventive care like check-ups and immunizations.


Health insurance for international students in USA
Student health and student medical insurance

International Student Insurance

Do you meet your F-1 student health insurance requirements? Purchase a plan today and complete your waiver form to secure coverage for doctor visits, prescription medication, hospitalization, and more, all at a lower cost. Simply enter your student’s age to get a free quote.

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International Student Insurance FAQ

International students who come to the US to study either on an F1, J1, or M1 visa require meeting their school/sponsor insurance requirement, though they can also opt for outsider insurance to save the cost of medical treatment. Dependents on F2, J2, or M2 visa holders can also consider health insurance for international students.

International students who travel to a different country to pursue higher education usually need to purchase student insurance as most schools and Universities set it as a minimum requirement. To protect you from the high medical cost in the US, many Universities will not allow you to enroll in classes unless you show proof that you have health insurance with the minimum requirements. This international student medical insurance covers you for outpatient and inpatient benefits like hospitalization, surgery, intensive care as well as prescription drugs. Some plans also cover mental health and maternity. So you get to choose a plan that covers all your needs.

The premium or cost of your health insurance is determined based on several factors like your age, the number of days you apply for coverage, the policy maximum, and the deductible you opt for. Your premium will be higher if the duration of your coverage is higher or you opt for higher coverage. The premium usually goes up with age.

For all the international students coming to the US to study, it is always advisable to buy a US health insurance plan. All the plans on Visitor Guard® are administered by companies based in the US. The international health insurance plans for students have benefits considering the high cost of medical treatment in the US. Even a minor injury can be expensive without insurance, so it will safeguard you from medical debts. Most plans have a network of providers that can bill the insurance company directly. International health insurance for international students is a requirement by most Universities to enroll in the classes. The site has a wide choice of plans to compare and select from. You can also look at the international student insurance review to see what other students are saying.

Yes, there are various plans that an F2 visa holder can consider. Usually, if the F1 visa holder has insurance in the open market (bought a plan online and not from their school), the F1 visa holder can add the F2 visa holder to the policy during application. If the F1 visa holder already has started enjoying their coverage, the F2 visa holder can choose a different plan and apply as a primary insured person. Most of the time, the F2 visa holder does not have to meet the same insurance requirement as the F1 visa holder.

You’re young and in good health. So why bother buying health insurance? 


First, you’re going to have to buy it as most Universities and colleges require you to have health insurance as an international student. Students are not allowed to register for classes without showing proof of health insurance. For students on a J visa, showing proof of minimum coverage is required while applying for a visa. And there are many important benefits to insurance for F1 students. 

International student health insurance gives you a unique combination of benefits that help you live a full and active life at college without fear of an illness or injury causing you severe financial strain. International student insurance is tailored to the student and in addition to providing standard healthcare benefits like doctors’ office visits, hospitalization, and prescriptions, it covers sports and outdoor activity, mental health, and emergency medical evacuation/ repatriation too. If you travel anywhere off the beaten path, evacuation coverage will provide peace of mind in the event of an emergency. In addition, you may need to be flown home if you suffer a serious medical condition.  You may also want to consider a visitor’s insurance plan that covers maternity expenses and pre-existing conditions. 

Some international student insurance plans also include incidental home country cover–it is a great choice when you are visiting your family back home during a break. You can renew your insurance policy if your studies take longer than expected. You can also purchase a plan that covers your entire college course, so you don’t have to worry about renewals later. 

Since students tend to be young and healthy, health insurance plans for this demographic are usually more affordable and provide more benefits than conventional health insurance plans. This will definitely help you keep to your student budget.

The University usually has an open enrollment during which students can either sign up for the school’s plan or submit a waiver form. Students need to submit the waiver form a few days before the classes begin, contact your school for specific details.

Student international health insurance provides benefits for inpatient and outpatient coverage for hospitalization, intensive care, surgery, and even prescription drugs due to an illness or injury. Plans also provide coverage for mental health, maternity, medical evacuation as well as repatriation or return of mortal remains. Some of them provide coverage for pre-existing conditions while most do not. Choose the plan that meets all your needs before buying one.

Usually, the cost of the insurance is posted on the student’s account until the enrollment or waiver requirements are satisfied. Students have to submit the waiver form a certain number of days prior to enrollment if they need to submit it. If the student does not take action to enroll or waive the school’s student insurance plan prior to the deadline, normally the student is automatically enrolled into the school’s group insurance plan and will be responsible for the full premium amount.

The student has the option to “waive” out of the school’s group plan if they have existing coverage that meets the requirements that the school deems necessary. Some fully sponsored international students may have plans purchased by their embassy or sponsor which meet the school’s insurance requirement. Other international students also may purchase insurance plans online, outside of the school’s group insurance. In such cases, the waiver form can be signed by the insurance carrier and can be submitted as proof to the school.

Prices for health insurance for international students can vary based on various factors. Your age, duration of your coverage, policy maximum, and the deductible amount you opt for- these are all factors that drive the premium. If your school needs you to submit proof of coverage for the entire number of days of the curriculum you are enrolled in, you might need to pay the premium upfront for the number of days you apply for.

Some Universities require you to buy insurance from the school only. So first, you need to check whether your school allows you to buy insurance other than the school-provided insurance. If your school permits you to buy a policy outside the school, they usually have a waiver form to be signed. You can download the waiver form from the school website and compare the plans which meet all the requirements of your school.

Alternatively, you can simply email the form to us and we can confirm which plan meets the requirements. If you do not have to meet any requirements, you can compare the plans by answering a few questions at the top of this page. And then simply choose a plan that provides you good coverage for inpatient as well as outpatient services for hospitalization, intensive care, surgery, and prescription drugs.

Universities usually accept plans that will provide the requirements as per the waiver form. You can download the waiver form from the school website and it has all the requirements you need to meet if you sign up for a plan outside of the school-provided insurance. The school usually accepts the plan once all the requirements listed on the plan are met.

The cost of health insurance for international students will change based on which plan you opt for. The premium is calculated based on the age, the number of days, policy maximum, and deductible you opt for. Simply answer these basic questions at the top of this page to get a quote.

There are many moving parts to international student insurance. Administrators, underwriters, and PPO Networks are typically the ones that you would look at. The administrators of the policies, such as IMG, Travel Insurance Services, GBG, plan the policy details like benefits, exclusions, riders, and premiums. They also provide the insurance documents to you and handle the paperwork for claims. Underwriters, such as Lloyds of London, Sirius International are responsible for making claim reimbursements. The PPO networks are networks of medical providers (doctors, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, etc.) that have a tie-up with a specific medical plan to provide direct billing and in-network rates. Some popular PPO networks are Coventry PPO, First Health Network, United Health, United Healthcare Network, and Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc. 

Many Universities offer a mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) to ensure the students have adequate health care coverage. Where offered, the SHIP usually is through companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, etc. It is a comprehensive health plan that includes medical, mental health, dental, vision, and pharmacy benefits. Typically, for students enrolled in SHIP, the Student Health Center (SHC) can be the primary care provider. But the spouses and dependents (if covered under the policy) might have to use the in-network providers too.  

Most policies do not allow to make any changes like additions or changes in the policy maximum or deductible once in effect. Some of them allow the addition of your spouse or dependent living in the US. If you need to add a spouse/child to your existing insurance in the future, the contract may change to dependent coverage with a premium adjustment. If you have a student fee account, you may see a refund of an annual SINGLE coverage premium and a charge of an annual DEPENDENT coverage premium within 8 business days of adding the dependent. Some plans might require the spouse or child to buy a separate plan. 

If you need to change personal details such as your address, you only have to send an email to your plan provider. When you buy a plan online, you can view the status of your account online along with other information related to payments and claims. You may need to contact the provider to make changes once you submit your form.

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