Visitors Insurance For Diabetes

Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a grouping of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood glucose. The high blood sugar level is due to inadequate insulin production, failure of the body’s cells to respond appropriately to insulin, or a combination of both. People with diabetes experience frequent urination, excessive thirst, and hunger. Weight gain, unusual weight loss, fatigue, numbness, and tingling in hands and feet are also common symptoms. Estimates indicate that over 382 million people throughout the world have diabetes.


Treatment For Diabetes

All types of diabetes are treatable. Diabetes type 1 has no known cure. Type 2 lasts a person’s lifetime typically, but some people manage to rid themselves of the symptoms without medication through exercise, diet, and weight control. Treatment for individuals with type 1 diabetes includes regular insulin injections as well as dietary choices and exercise. Tablets, exercise, diet, and occasional insulin injections are the treatment for those with type 2 diabetes.

What Visitors Insurance Will Cover And Exclude

Diabetes patients who visit the US often have concerns regarding their health insurance coverage as diabetes is considered a pre-existing condition. It is important to know that visitor insurance plans will not cover preventative care or regular treatment for an existing ailment. Visitor insurance will not pay for insulin a traveler is already using before travel. Each insurance company has their own definition of a pre-existing condition and an acute onset of pre-existing condition. Also, the look back period for pre-existing conditions are different for different companies.

Under plans such as Liaison, Inbound USA, Safe Travels USA and Safe Travels International, a Pre-Existing Condition that is a Congenital condition or that gradually becomes worse over time will not be considered Acute Onset and hence, will not be covered under insurance. A sudden onset of a pre-existing condition like sudden flare up of diabetes, diabetic coma etc will be covered under acute onset benefits as long as it meets the policy criteria.

On the other hand, plans such as Patriot International, Patriot America and Visitors Care insurance, do not provide coverage for chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes etc

So, before you buy an insurance plan, it is important to get information on the pre-existing condition clauses.

Atlas Visitors Health Insurance

Atlas America Insurance provides coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to $2,000,000 for persons under 70 years of age. Pre-existing condition coverage is for acute onset only, and treatment within a 24 hour period is required.

Atlas International Travel Insurance

For the acute inception of a pre-existing condition which includes diabetes, Atlas International provides a $50,000 coverage limit. Atlas International does not cover pre-existing conditions except for the charges that result directly from an acute onset of the pre-existing condition.

Inbound USA Insurance for Visitors to USA

Inbound USA does not cover expenses related to pre-existing conditions. However, the policy will cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to the policy maximum per period of coverage for persons under the age of 70. The plan features up to $130,000 coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

Pay attention to your eating habits and measure your sugar on a regular basis as you travel if you have diabetes. If needed, you can pick up a diabetes monitoring kit at Walgreens. Also, keep your doctor’s contact information handy so you can keep in touch with him/her during your trip, if required. Although diabetes is considered a pre-existing condition, some visitor insurance plans will cover the acute onset of a pre-existing condition. Research one of the high-quality plans mentioned above to find more information regarding visitor insurance coverage for diabetes.