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Visitor Medical Insurance For Heart Attack 

When you live with cardiovascular disease, taking frequent holidays is an excellent way of relaxing and decreasing stress. However, it’s important you plan carefully when you’ll be away from home for a while. Beware that while insurance for visitors can offer treatment for new injuries and illnesses, the coverage for an existing condition such as heart attack is quite limited. 

It’s also imperative you consult your physician before you book any trips. They’ll be able to confirm whether you’re well enough to travel. You can also discuss what you should and shouldn’t do throughout your holiday. 

If your physician declares you fit for travel, there’s no reason why your heart condition should prevent you from enjoying a tranquil holiday. Travel insurance for heart conditions covers the cost of treatment and hospital admissions if you require treatment for your heart ailment while traveling.  

travel insurance for  heart conditions

What Visitors Insurance Covers and Excludes: Heart-related Condition 

If you have a heart condition already when you buy a policy, the application does not require you to disclose it as a pre-existing condition. Depending on the pre-existing conditions clause of the plan, you may receive coverage if the condition has been stable and hasn’t required hospital treatment or medical attention for a specific time period. This is called the Look back period. The duration for the look-back period differs across plans, but it’s usually between 60 and 180 days. However, the look back period for some plans may be as long as 3 years prior to start of the plan. 

 A Pre-Existing Condition that is a congenital condition or that gradually becomes worse over time will not be considered as an acute onset and hence, will not be covered by insurance.  

Which Visitor Insurance  Policies can Cover Heart Conditions? 

Plans such as Safe Travels USA Comprehensive, Safe Travel USA and Safe Travels International provide coverage for sudden onset of a pre-existing condition like heart attack, stroke etc. which takes place suddenly and without warning. However, these plans do not cover routine care and medication of the heart disease or high blood pressure. 

Most other plans i.e. Patriot Series, Atlas Travel provide coverage for an acute onset of pre-existing conditions as long as it is a non-chronic condition. Heart conditions, diabetes etc. typically fall under chronic conditions. 

Before you purchase a plan, it is best to get enough information on the pre-existing condition clauses to make sure that the specific pre-existing condition fits into the company’s definition of pre-existing conditions. 

Guide to Visitor Health Insurance For Heart Conditions

Visitors to the US often ask: 

  • Is high Blood Pressure a pre-existing medical condition?
    High blood pressure or hypertension is a dangerous condition and can contribute to other conditions. It is usually defined as a pre-existing condition for travel insurance applications. 
  • Will Visitor Health Insurance pay for refill of prescription drugs for a heart condition?
    No, if you are taking medications for a heart condition, it would be considered a pre-existing condition. Conditions for heart attack and stroke can be covered by some visitor insurance policies if they are an acute onset of a chronic preexisting condition.
  • Is stroke considered a pre-existing condition?
    Yes, for visitor health insurance pre-existing condition like stroke is also usually considered to be a pre-existing condition and excluded from coverage. It is always a good practice to read the certificate wordings for the policy. Based on the age, there are few plans that can cover an acute onset of a preexisting condition.
visitor insurance plans offering coverage for acute onset of heart conditions
  • What is an Acute Onset of a Pre-existing condition?
    A sudden and unexpected outbreak or recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition, which occurs spontaneously and without advance warning, either in the form of Physician recommendation or symptoms which would have caused a prudent person to seek medical attention prior to the outbreak or recurrence. Treatment must be obtained within 24 hours of the sudden and unexpected outbreak or recurrence.

Plan Offering Some Coverage for Acute Onset of Heart Conditions

Is stroke considered a pre existing condition for visitors travel medical insurance

Safe Travel USA Comprehensive

$66 / mo (for a 45-year-old with $50,000 plan maximum)
  • Coverage for Hospitalization, ER, Dr. Office Visits, Prescription Drugs
  • Urgent Care – $30 copay and No Deductible
  • Well Visit/Physical Check UP
  • In Network, Deductible and Co-insurance waived
  • Brochure
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1 acute episode per pre-existing condition covered up to policy medical max for non-cardiac ($25,000 limit for cardiac) conditions for 69y & under; covered up to $35,000 for non-cardiac ($15,000 limit for cardiac) conditions for 70y & above 

Safe Travel USA Comprehensive 

Non-US citizens and non-US residents visiting the US can consider the Safe Travels USA Comprehensive medical insurance policy. The policy offers coverage for covered medical expenses including hospitalization, surgery, physician visits and prescriptions. The plan includes one acute onset of pre-existing condition coverage and one well-check visit per policy. 

 Safe Travels USA Comprehensive waives the deductible and co-insurance if you use in-network providers. In the event you use out-of-network providers, the plan will pay 80% for the first $5,000 after your deductible has been met—and then 100% for up to the chosen policy maximum. Urgent care visits have a $30 co-pay. The plan offers a range of deductible options, ranging from $0 to $5,000. If you need athletic sports coverage, you can add the optional athletic rider. 

Safe Travel USA Comprehensive Insurance

Underwritten by Crum and Foster, this policy provides accident and sickness medical coverage for individuals traveling outside their home country. The policy can be bought from 5 days to 1 year and later renewed for a total of 24 consecutive months. 

How is an acute onset of a pre-existing condition covered by Safe Travel USA Comprehensive insurance

  • For ages up to 69 years, the policy provides coverage for an acute onset of a pre-existing condition up to the chosen Medical Policy Maximum purchased per Period of Coverage. However, any coverage related to cardiac disease or condition, is limited to $25,000 for ages up to 69 years and $15,000 for ages 70 and above. Upon attaining age 70, Acute Onset benefits are reduced to a maximum of $35,000, with a $25,000 Maximum Lifetime Limit for Emergency Medical Evacuation. Any repeat/reoccurrence within the same policy period will no longer be considered Acute Onset of a Pre-Existing Condition and will not be eligible for additional coverage.  
  • A Pre-Existing Condition which is a chronic or congenital condition or that gradually becomes worse over time and/or known, scheduled, required, or expected medical care, drugs or treatments existing or necessary prior to the Effective Date are not considered to be an Acute Onset. This benefit covers only ONE (1) Acute Onset episode of a Pre-Existing condition. Sudden and Acute Onset of a Pre- Existing Condition Coverage expires upon medical advice that the condition and Onset is no longer acute or you are discharged from a medical facility. 

pre existing condition coverage and visitor medical insurance

Safe Travel USA Comprehensive Insurance

Safe Travels USA comprehensive insurance policy provides medical insurance to non-US citizens and non-US residents while visiting the US. The policy offers coverage for covered medical expenses including hospitalization, surgery, physician visits and prescriptions. The plan includes one acute onset of pre-existing condition coverage and one well-check visit per policy. For more details you can review the Brochure.

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If you’re traveling with heart disease, consider these tips: 

  • Select your destination prudently 
    Think carefully about where you plan to go and what you’ll probably do once you arrive there. For instance, a trip to Athens might entail lots of walking, which could place undue stress on your heart. You should also consider public transport. 
    This is especially significant in warmer climates, where the heat can drain your energy. Moreover, you should consider medical care provisions and whether you’ll have easy access to expert help in case of a medical emergency. Beware that some islands might not have emergency and accident facilities
  • Arrange the appropriate travel cover
    Most people arrange travel insurance before going on a holiday. Take your time to research what’s accessible. Specialist policies aimed at covering heart conditions will pay out if your condition forces you to cancel your trip. An early arrangement will give you the needed peace of mind to enjoy your holiday.
  • Organize your medication early 
    It’s imperative you sort your medication before traveling for any duration. If you’re entitled to free prescription services in your home country, the same might not apply in another country. Therefore, ensure you’ve stocked up before you have to leave. 
    Take additional medication just in case and maintain a list of prescribed medications, including known names in case you require more in an emergency. 

Visitors Insurance for heart attack FAQ

Yes, heart attack can be covered under a visitor medical insurance plan provided it was not due to a pre-existing condition. If the heart attack was due to a pre-existing condition, visitors insurance may cover the heart attack for visitors depending on the plan you opt for. Many insurance plans cover an acute onset of a non-chronic condition. As heart conditions are considered chronic conditions, they are excluded from coverage by the Atlas travel, Patriot America Plus, or the Liaison plans. Safe Travel USA Comprehensive offers some medical coverage for visitors due to a pre-existing condition for one acute onset episode for heart conditions.

No, none of the plans offer coverage for a planned heart surgery for visitor to the US.

Many visitor insurance plans for visiting parents to USA offer coverage for an acute onset of pre-existing condition. However, there are very few plans that can offer coverage for an acute onset of chronic pre-existing condition pre-existing. As high blood pressure or cholesterol fall under chronic conditions not all plans will cover the hospitalization. Safe Travel USA Comprehensive plan can provide some coverage in the event of an acute onset of preexisting condition like heart conditions resulting in hospitalization.

No, refill of prescription drugs for an existing condition is not considered a pre-existing condition.

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