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International Travel Medical Insurance

Are you planning to visit a new place but did not give a thought about purchasing international travel medical insurance? Do you know the possible consequences? Everything about visiting a new place sounds great unless you have to bear huge monetary losses. Not only does it cover you in case of any unforeseen medical conditions, but also commits to being your friend in a new place. 

After all that planning and booking your tickets, what if on the day of departure you suddenly lose your baggage? Sounds horrible right? Life is unpredictable and the only thing you can do to travel stress-free is to purchase Travel Medical Insurance. 

However, it’s not easy to choose the right medical insurance for traveling abroad. We at Visitor Guard® help you understand your requirements and choose the plan that will benefit you the most! Compare and choose between the best insurance plans available. Contact Visitor Guard® to get your quote today.

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Popular International Travel Medical Insurance Plans

Travel Insurance Plans


$80 / mo For age 45 year with $50,000 plan and $250 deductible
  • Plan maximum limits ranging from $50,000 to $2 million
  • Deductible options from $0 to $5,000
  • Coverage for Hospitalization, ER, Urgent Care, Dr. Office Visits, Prescription Drugs, Covid-19
  • Coverage for non-chronic Acute Onset of Pre-existing conditions
  • Coverage from 5 days to 364 days
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Travel Insurance Plans

Patriot Travel

$72 / mo For age 45 year with $50,000 plan and $250 deductible
  • Plan maximum limits ranging from $50,000 to $1 million
  • Deductible options from $0 to $2,500
  • Coverage for Hospitalization, ER, Urgent Care, Dr. Office Visits, Prescription Drugs, Covid-19
  • Coverage for non-chronic Acute Onset of Pre-existing conditions
  • Coverage from 5 days to 2 years
  • Brochure
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$33 / mo For age 45 years with $50,000 plan and $100 deductible
  • Plan maximum limits ranging from $50,000 to $130,000
  • Deductible options from $0, $50, $100
  • Coverage for Hospitalization, ER, Urgent Care, Dr. Office Visits, Prescription Drugs, Covid-19
  • Coverage for non-chronic Acute Onset of Pre-existing conditions
  • Coverage from 5 days to 2 years
  • Brochure
  • Review Plan
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Popular International Travel Medical Insurance Plans
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Benefits of International Travel Medical Insurance

Who does not want to travel hassle-free and avoid any mishaps? Worry no more because travel medical insurance USA is there to the rescue!

  1. Medical support- Insure yourself from any accidents or unforeseen critical medical conditions.
  2. Loss of belongings- Anything can happen while you are traveling. Don’t let the loss of your belongings ruin your trip. Get Travel Medical Insurance to cover any such loss!
  3. Entire family coverage- Travel medical insurance plans also cover your entire family for the trip.
  4. Reclaim cancellation fees- Travel insurance plans also cover delays or cancellations of your flight.
  5. Emergency evacuation- Overseas medical insurance will arrange transportation services in case you need emergency medical aid.

Why choose us for International Travel Medical Insurance?

Visitor Guard® is your best friend when you are traveling to an unknown place. Explore International Travel Medical Insurance plans with us

  1. Plans at best rates- Compare between the best Travel medical insurance plans available and choose the one that’s best for you.
  2. Smooth and secured purchase- Visitor Guard® makes sure you make quick purchases. Purchase the best medical insurance plan for traveling abroad safely with us.
  3. Expert advice- Don’t hesitate to reach us when you have doubts. Experts at Visitor Guard® will provide you the best guidance.
  4. All-time support- We provide support to our customers 24*7 and solve all the problems anytime required.
  5. Overseas presence- We are not restricted to a single country. We offer services to visitors from all around the world.

Types of International Travel Medical Insurance Plans

  • Travel Medical Insurance: The US, as well as non-US citizens, can consider these International Travel Medical Insurance plans while traveling outside their country of residence or country of citizenship for a short duration (5 days to 364 days) for leisure or business. IMG is a best medical inurance plan provider in market. These travel medical insurance plans provide inpatient and outpatient medical coverage but exclude preventative care, preexisting condition coverage, or maternity. The cost of the plan is calculated based on the age, the number of days of coverage, and the amount of coverage and deductible you opt for.
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance: Trip cancellation travel medical insurance plans cover the events that are not known to the buyer on the date of purchase. It seeks to refund your money in case you are unable to travel due to an unknown situation covered under the policy. Such International Travel Medical Insurance plans may or may not include medical coverage but usually include trip interruption, evacuation, and lost luggage coverage. The cost of the plan depends on the cost of the trip, the number of days of the trip, and the age of the traveler.
  • Annual Travel Medical Insurance: Annual travel medical insurance plans provide peace of mind as they offer affordable coverage to business travelers or frequent travelers who make multiple trips throughout the year, regardless of the number of trips. 
Is travel insurance necessary for international travel?
  • Long-Term Major Medical Insurance: These overseas medical insurance plans can be renewed annually and offer comprehensive coverage. They allow the insured to stay on the same plan for a long period. These Travel medical insurance plans are available for both US citizens and foreign nationals and are ideal for immigrants and ex-pats living abroad. The extended travel may be between 3 to 5 years. The benefits include coverage for in-patient, out-patient, prescription, maternity, pre-existing conditions, preventive care, emergency evacuation, and repatriation. However, these travel medical insurance plans do not include coverage for trip interruption and lost luggage.


Types of Travel Medical Insurance USA

US Residents Traveling Outside the US

For US citizens traveling overseas, travel medical insurance plans provide coverage for medical expenses, for cost of hospitalization, emergency medical evacuation, and repatriation. Such plans can be short-term or long-term insurance plans. Short-term overseas medical insurance plans include medical coverage for vacations of less than a year while long-term plans are ideal for those working overseas. Short-term plans include most healthcare expenses but exclude preventive care and provide limited coverage for pre-existing conditions. Long-term medical insurance plans for traveling abroad are comprehensive and can cover pre-existing and preventive care.

US Citizens Traveling Inside the US

This relates to travel medical insurance for US citizens residing abroad for reasons like work or study etc. and who return to the US for a temporary visit.

Price for a Typical Travel Abroad Insurance

Visitor AgePlan Medical LimitPremium*
55-59Visitor Secure 
USD 50,000 maximum
$45 per month
55-59Visitor Secure 
$100,000 maximum
$64 per month
55-59 Patriot International  
$50,000 maximum 
$80 per month
55-59 Patriot International  
$100,000 maximum
$92 per month
*Estimated Premiums

How much it cost for International travel insurance?

For US citizens traveling abroad, the primary health insurance that you have may or may not cover you overseas. A small investment overseas medical insurance can bring significant peace of mind.   

Premiums are calculated based on your age, the policy maximum, and deductible options you choose, and the number of days you need coverage. Travel medical insurance plans that have pre-defined limits, i.e. limited or fixed benefit plans are typically cheaper than comprehensive plans.   

Coverage can start as early as the very next day or a future date you specify on the application.



Annual International Travel Medical Insurance Plans

Frequent travelers and frequent business travelers may benefit from annual travel medical insurance for their overseas travels.  These overseas medical insurance plans offer the ease and convenience of purchasing a single annual plan at an affordable annual premium 

The Atlas Multi-Trip plan can cover all of your international travel. This includes international vacations, business trips, visits with family abroad, overseas sports adventures, or other international pursuits. It covers multiple trips, up to 30 or 45 days in length, for the 364-day certificate period. 

The Patriot Multi-Trip plan is designed for individuals, families, and groups of five or more who travel frequently outside of their home country throughout the year. The annual travel medical insurance plan is renewable for up to a total of 36 months and is available for US and non-US citizens of 75 years old or younger. 


When Is Travel Medical Insurance required? 

You can buy travel health insurance up to the day before your departure but if your policy benefits depend upon your first trip payment, you may not enjoy some benefits of your plan. To avoid claim denials, later on, it is best to buy international travel medical insurance well in advance. You can add additional costs like plane tickets later on. Both US citizens and non-US citizens can purchase travel medical insurance when they are traveling or living abroad temporarily for work or study. 

There are two cases that you can consider for buying travel medical insurance:

1.You are a US citizen or non-US citizen and you are planning to travel outside your country.

In this case, you can purchase either short-term or long-term overseas medical insurance. These insurance plans provide coverage for emergency evacuation, hospitalization, repatriation, and other medical expenses. The short-term plans do not provide coverage for preventative care and are suitable if your trip duration is less than a year. For trips of duration more than a year, long-term travel medical insurance plans are perfect since they also cover pre-existing conditions, unlike short-term plans.

2. You are a US citizen or non-US citizen and you are planning to travel to your own country.

These plans are suitable for those who live outside their home country for work or study and want to visit their own country. These travel medical insurance plans provide coverage for medical expenses and emergency evacuation. Coverage for pre-existing conditions is provided depending on the plan that you choose. The cost of these travel medical insurance plans is calculated by taking into consideration- your age, the number of days you are traveling for, the amount of coverage you want, and the deductible you choose.

Contact Visitor Guard® and purchase travel medical insurance that best suits your needs.

Steps to Purchase International Travel Medical Insurance

visitor-guard - form
Step 1:-Check Available Plans

Complete the quote form above to see plans catered to your specific needs.

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Step 2:-Compare Plans

Compare insurance plans, considering pricing, coverage amount, benefits, and exclusions

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Step 3:-Apply for a Plan

Purchase a travel medical insurance plan from one of our trusted insurance providers.

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Step 4:-Purchase Confirmation

Check your email for documents of the travel medical insurance.



Steps to Use Travel Medical Insurance

  1. In order to claim travel medical insurance, the first step is to check the plan provider network i.e. the list of providers your insurance company works with. 
  2. Contact the service provider of the overseas medical insurance plan and have your medical ID card handy to prove you have insurance coverage. You can also call the number on your card for assistance.
  3. It must be noted here that keeping the previous medical records during travel is generally not required, but it is best to keep them when the traveler has a current/chronic condition. Such documents will be required in the event a claim needs supporting documents.

Typical documents required for filing a claim include:

  • Completed claim form 
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of I-94 if visiting the USA 
  • All receipts  
  • Copies of medical bills and itemized services


Learn About Pre-Certification of Travel Medical Insurance Claims

When the travel medical insurance company confirms a treatment plan is medically necessary, it is referred to as pre-certification. It is a request for coverage where the insurer confirms to a hospital that the treatment plan is admissible. This starts by filling out a pre-certification form. You need to fill this form and submit it to the insurer. Pre-certification does not mean an acceptance of a claim. The travel medical insurance company scrutinizes final bills and related documents after patient discharge and then makes the final claim settlement. 

While some travel medical insurance providers give the option of direct billing to them by the hospital, others provide for reimbursement. In direct billing, the hospital or doctor sends medical bills directly to the insurer while in reimbursement, payment is first made by the insured who can get the claim reimbursed by the insurance company. 

Finding Healthcare Facilities to Seek Medical Treatment 
In case you are seeking medical treatment while you have a travel health insurance plan, the following are some tips to help you find health care facilities. 

  • Check your travel medical insurance plan to see if any specific doctors or hospitals are pre-approved.
  • Search directory for available healthcare facilities. 
  • Before making an appointment, check hospital and doctor accreditations. 



Most Popular Overseas Medical Insurance Plans

You can opt for individual or group travel medical insurance plans. Group plans are available for students, missionaries, and visitors. These travel medical insurance for overseas travel plans provide coverage for US citizens traveling abroad or non-US citizens visiting the US.

1.Patriot Group Insurance is designed for groups traveling outside their home country. This travel medical insurance plan offers coverage for sports and activities, emergency evacuation, repatriation, and adventure sports rider. For expenses incurred due to terrorism, the maximum coverage available is up to $50,000. It also includes coverage for pre-existing conditions.

2.Atlas Group Insurance Atlas is an international travel medical insurance plan designed for groups traveling abroad. It provides sports coverage for activities like skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, and snorkeling. For expenses incurred due to terrorism, the maximum coverage available is up to $50,000. It also includes pre-existing conditions coverage.

3.Atlas International (travel medical insurance for US residents traveling outside the US)It is available for a period of 5 days to 364 days. It covers expenses related to hospital and/or doctor visits. It offers a policy coverage of $50,000 to $2,000,000. It is a comprehensive travel medical insurance plan of the USA and hence covers a percentage of the treatment costs. The benefits include coverage of expenses related to medical treatment of a new injury or illness, evacuation, baggage delay, lost luggage, dental, trip cancellation, accidental death, terrorism coverage, and trip cancellation.

International travel medical insurance



Exclusions from International Travel Medical Insurance 

The following situations are typically excluded from travel medical insurance plans. 

  • Losses due to venereal disease, AIDS virus, pregnancy, or abortion; 
  • Losses due to mental, psychological, or nervous disorders; 
  • Losses due to nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination; 
  • Losses incurred while the insured is participating in an unlawful act; 
  • Losses due to the insured intentionally causing bodily harm, including suicide; 
  • Losses incurred while the insured is legally drunk or under the influence of drugs; 
  • Extreme, high-risk sports; 
  • Travel costs for medical tourism; 
  • Losses for tickets or tours won as an award or by redeeming frequent flier or credit card miles; and 
  • Losses due to war (declared or not), military actions, civil disorder, and riots. 

International Travel Medical Insurance FAQ

Individuals or groups traveling outside their home country or country of citizenship either on tourist visas, for business, immigrating, or as international students can consider these insurance plans.

Medical tourism refers to individuals traveling abroad to get medical treatment. Typically, individuals from less-developed countries travel to medical centers in developed countries for treatment that could not be provided at home. Individuals who have long waiting periods for a planned surgery also fall back on medical tourism which sometimes is cheaper and faster at a medical facility in another country. International travel insurance can provide emergency medical coverage for injuries and illnesses arising after the policy is in effect and which are not linked to a pre-existing condition. If you suffer an unexpected illness or injury on your journey, the policy can cover for the cost of ambulance transportation, medical treatment, hospital accommodation, medical evacuation, and repatriation if required. However, these plans will not cover medical tourism.

For everyone living in the UK, UK has Government-funded medical and health care services called National Health Services (NHS) who can use these services without being asked to pay the full cost of the service. All European Union (EU) citizens visiting the UK can get free healthcare if you have a valid EHIC card. Non-EU countries who visit the UK will need to pay for medical services. If you are a non-EU citizen and traveling to the UK as a visitor, it is a good idea to have medical insurance which can cover you for high medical costs. Unlike the UK, the US does not have a National Health Service, hence if UK and EU citizens are traveling to the US, they need to buy visitor insurance to cover medical emergencies in the US.

Canada has a free public healthcare system. However, Canada’s public healthcare system is only free for its own citizens and permanent residents. Anyone visiting Canada or studying in Canada will have to pay out-of-pocket for medical services. Given the cost of medical treatment, it is important to be insured.

Most travel insurance plans provide coverage for medical emergencies (doctor, hospital expenses, surgery, intensive care as well as new prescription drugs) up to the medical limit defined, evacuation, repatriation, trip cancelation, lost luggage, trip interruption. Depending on the plan, trip cancelation and preexisting conditions may be covered.

No, there is no age restriction. Travel health insurance for overseas travel for foreigners to the US or abroad is available up to 99 years of age, however, the amount of coverage you get through the policy might vary based on the age.

Travel health insurance for overseas travel includes coverage for medical illnesses and injuries that occur after the effective date of the policy. These travel plans provide inpatient as well as outpatient benefits including coverage for hospitalization, intensive care, Urgent care, or office visits if you are not well. They also cover Prescription drugs. Many travel insurance plans include coverage for an acute onset of a preexisting condition. Repatriation and medical evacuation are mostly benefits that are included however some plans provide an optional benefit for increasing the amount of medical evacuation limits at an extra cost.

Individuals traveling for work or pleasure to a country where they are not a resident and/or do not hold citizenship may benefit from international travel insurance.

Depending on the travel policy you can opt for trip cancelation to be included. There are plans like the Safe Travel USA Trip Protection that can provide you coverage for trip cancelation. Non-US citizens up to 79 years old who travel to the United States from their home country are eligible for this plan. Safe Travel USA Trip Protection policy provides coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, emergency medical, and post-departure travel protection. The policy includes a pre-existing medical condition waiver.

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