The Best Visitor Insurance for Parents Visiting the USA

Are your parents looking to visit you in the USA? Before they make the trip overseas, be sure that they purchase visitor insurance. With dependable coverage, your parents can make a safe and secure journey to the United States—armed with peace of mind and a policy to take them further. 

Visitor Guard® offers dependable visitor medical insurance for parents visiting the USA. Some comprehensive plans even offer trip insurance. Lost bag? Canceled trip? Be sure to read up on the coverage details to see if these travel-related issues are covered.

Visitor Guard® health insurance for travelers

Visitor Guard® offers dependable and trustworthy travel health insurance for parents from foreign countries and tourists visiting USA. Plans pay for a range of health benefits including hospitalization, doctor visits, prescription drugs and acute on of pre-existing conditions. Choose from Fixed benefit or Comprehensive plans.


After deductible is met, plan provides benefits up to your chosen policy maximum for a Comprehensive policy or up to the pre-defined limit in case of a Fixed benefit plan.

Doctor Visits

Covered up to chosen policy maximum in case of a comprehensive policy or up to the pre-defined limit in case of a Fixed Benefit plan after the deductible is met.


Certain plans offer dental benefits in case of an accidental injury to sound natural teeth or for a sudden pain to natural teeth.


Policies offer benefits for blood work, x-rays, MRIs and other diagnostic procedures for covered illnesses and injuries if prescribed by a doctor.


Prescription benefits as per the Schedule of Benefits for a new prescription after the effective date of the policy.


An acute onset of a pre-existing condition for ages below 70 can be covered as per the schedule of benefits.

What is Visitor Insurance and Why Do Your Parents Need It? 

Visitor insurance is a type of travel medical insurance policy that enables foreign travelers to get coverage for illness or injury during their stay in another country. There are many types of plans, each with varying levels of coverage. We recommend your parents stay covered under a dependable visitor insurance plan. After all, the health and safety of your family is a top priority. Visitor insurance plans typically cover hospitalization costs, surgery, prescription drugs and an ambulance ride. Sometimes, it’s smart to get evacuation insurance as well, in case of an emergency and you have to be transported back to your home country. 

Government-sponsored plans rarely provide adequate coverage. In the event of an emergency, comprehensive travel medical insurance is imperative.

You’ll want to purchase insurance for parents visiting the USA—and here’s why: 

  • Your parents deserve to have high-quality care in the event of an emergency.
  • Simple accidents and illnesses happen all the time. S. hospitals, urgent care centers, and other medical treatment facilities require payment. And without insurance, you will be paying the full cost out-of-pocket.
  • Visitor insurance can cover evacuation. If they need to be evacuated, your visitor insurance provider can work out the details and cover the evacuation costs.
  • As a resident, you may be held liable. If your parents are faced with unexpected medical bills, you may be responsible for paying.
  • U.S. insurance plans have limitations. You cannot add your parents to your health insurance plans; they will need separate visitor’s insurance coverage.

Visitor Travel Insurance

Benefits from the time you leave your country for hospitalization, ambulance, evacuation prescription drugs and acute onset of a pre-existing condition. Covid-19 covered as any other illness. No medical examinations required; Confirmations including ID Cards received immediately. Easy online application.
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How to Choose Insurance for Parents Visiting the USA—and What to Consider 

There are many policies for you to consider. And you’ll want to take your parent’s age and health into consideration before you decide on a plan. There are two major types of visitor medical insurance plans: fixed coverage and comprehensive coverage. While fixed coverage plans are cheaper, they provide limited coverage. That’s why we recommend comprehensive coverage plans. While they are more expensive, they provide much better coverage, which is very important for individuals over the age of 50. 

Atlas America and Patriot America Plus are two popular plans to consider. 

Simply fill out the form at the top of this page and we’ll help you find the best visitor insurance for parents visiting the USA—a plan available according to your parent’s needs and preferences. Be sure to consult your parents before purchasing. You will be required to provide medical information and multiple forms of identity. Most visitor insurance plans will cover your parents for as little as 5 days, and as many as 364. Some policies offer extensions. 

If your parents happen to have any pre-existing medical conditions, be sure to purchase travel insurance that covers pre-existing conditions (at least to an extent). While most plans do not cover pre-existing conditions, there are a few that cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Acute onset is defined as a sudden recurrence or outbreak of a previously diagnosed condition that occurs without warning. An existing condition could be chronic or nonchronic. Be sure to understand which insurance policies can cover acute onset of preexisting conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol ,diabetes  and heart attack which are considered chronic conditions.  Seeking a travel insurance cover for pre-existing medical conditions such as these will help pay medical bills in case of an emergency.

Visitor Guard® offers dependable travel medical insurance for parents visiting the USA—and at an unbeatable price. Here’s a bit more detail: 

Atlas America Insurance: This comprehensive visitor insurance coverage offers a blend of flexibility and dependability. With deductibles ranging from $0 to $5,000 and maximums ranging from $50,000 to $2,000,000, you can find the plan that works for your parents. Atlas includes coverage for an acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Atlas allows you to renew and refund your policy if your parent’s travel plans change. The plan covers adventure sports, emergency medical evacuation, acts of terrorism and much more. 

Patriot America Plus: Like Atlas, Patriot America Plus is known for its great service and support. And it offers coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions for up to the policy’s max. Patriot also provides refunds due to unforeseen travel changes. The plan provides a choice of maximums ranging from $50,000 to $500,000. 

Safe Travel USA Comprehensive : Insurance is a comprehensive visitor insurance plan designed to provide medical coverage for individuals and families traveling to the United States from other countries. Like the other two featured options, this plan covers one acute onset of pre-existing conditions within predefined limits. Within the PPO network, the plan covers 100% up to the policy max for injuries or illness covered in the plan. 

Medical care for visitors in the USA is not required; however, it’s wise to travel with adequate coverage. And considering the cost of health insurance in the U.S., you’re better safe and insured than sorry and out of money.  Visitor Guard® can help your parents get insured as early as tomorrow.