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Multi Trip Travel Insurance – Annual Plans

For people who frequently travel internationally, having insurance coverage that will consistently provide protection from unexpected emergencies is crucial. With multi trip travel insurance, you can rest assured knowing that you are protected in a convenient, flexible, and cost-effective way while traveling outside your home country. 

Whether you are a U.S. citizen who frequently travels outside of the U.S. or non-citizen planning to visit the U.S., there is travel insurance available to suit your needs. Patriot Multi-trip travel insurance is one of the best insurance options available for anyone traveling internationally multiple times a year. 


Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Best Annual Plans for Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Is stroke considered a pre existing condition for visitors travel medical insurance

Patriot Multi-Trip Insurance

$200 / year (for a 45-year-old)
  • Annual multi-trip travel medical insurance for individuals, families and groups
  • Deductible of $250
  • Maximum limit of $1,000,000
  • Coverage for multiple trips of up to 30 or 45 days
  • Flexibility to travel as many times per year as desired
  • Brochure

Patriot Multi-Trip Insurance Plan

  • Coverage for the medical expenses for illness or injury for which you obtain treatment within the first 30 days of your trip; 
  • Dental coverage for sudden pain or accidental oral injury; 
  • Medical evacuation expenses up to $25,000 USD to the nearest qualified hospital or medical center; 
  • Coverage up to $25,000 USD for the return of mortal remains; 
  • Coverage up to $15,000 USD for emergency reunion; 
  • Political evacuation coverage;
  • Coverage for the return of minor children
  • Coverage for terrorism, identity theft, loss of luggage, trip interruption; and
  • Coverage up to; $5,000 USD for pre-existing conditions. 
annual travel insurance plans

What Does Multi Trip Travel Insurance Cover?

Depending on your travel needs, you can choose between Patriot Multi-Trip International medical plan ( for U.S. citizens traveling abroad) and Patriot Multi Trip America medical plan (for non-U.S. citizens traveling outside their home country). 

These plans offer comprehensive medical coverage while you are away from home and more vulnerable to health and financial risks. Patriot Multi-trip plans will ensure that you can focus exclusively on your travel, whether for business or leisure while having complete peace of mind about any potential medical issues while in a foreign country. 

The Patriot Multi-trip annual travel insurance policy offers maximum coverage of $1 million USD for travelers under 70 years old. For those aged between 70 and 75 years, the maximum coverage is $50,000 USD. 

Who can Use Patriot Multi Trip Insurance?

Patriot Multi-trip insurance is designed for people who travel outside of their home country frequently throughout the year. It provides the ease and convenience of buying a single annual plan at an affordable premium. Patriot Multi-Trip Insurance is available for the following groups of people: 

  • U.S. citizens, along with their spouses and children, who are below the age of 76 and are traveling abroad multiple times in a year are eligible to buy the Patriot Multi-trip International plan. They should also have coverage under an individual or group medical plan.
  • Non-U.S. citizens, along with their spouses and children, who are below the age of 76 and are traveling together abroad multiple times in a year are eligible to buy the Patriot Multi-trip America plan. They should also have coverage under an individual or group medical plan.

Patriot Multi-trip insurance plans are particularly useful for business travelers whose work involves frequent international travel. If you, or your family, are frequent international travelers, nothing will keep you and your loved ones better prepared financially than a comprehensive, hassle-free Patriot Multi-trip insurance plan. Save your time, energy, and money with a reliable travel insurance policy.

annual travel insurance


Why are Multi Trip Travel Insurance Plans a Good Choice?  

Take Advantage of Big Savings

Multi-trip insurance is a more cost-effective insurance option, compared to buying travel insurance for each trip. With a multi-trip insurance plan, the more frequently you and your family travel abroad in a year, the lower the overall cost of insurance per trip will be.  

Save Valuable Time

Time is money, especially in the business world. With a multi-trip insurance plan from Patriot, you will not have to worry about signing up for a new medical insurance policy each time you book an international trip. You can instead use that time to focus on your work and travel.

Convenience Matters – Purchase it and forget about it

Life can be hectic, and sometimes we just forget things. With a multi-trip travel insurance plan from Patriot, you will not have to remind yourself about purchasing travel insurance each time you set out on an international trip. With these plans, you will be covered for a full year.  

annual multi trip travel insurance

Enjoy the Flexibility

We understand that every trip is different. Some trips may take just a few days, while others may last for weeks. With a Patriot Multi-trip insurance plan, all of your trips that last less than 30 days over the course of a year are covered under a single policy. Most tourist medical insurance policies in the US don’t cover pre-existing conditions. However, some can cover the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. In other words, if you have a flare-up of a previously diagnosed issue, emergency medical care can cover you under the right plan. 

Are There Any Restrictions on Multi trip Travel Insurance Plans? 

  • Patriot Multi-Trip insurance plans are designed to cover multiple, short-term international trips. Plan members may undertake any number of trips outside of their home country while covered by Patriot Multi-trip travel insurance; however, there is a limit of 30 days for the duration of one trip. 
  • The total coverage period is one year from the date of the start of the policy. Patriot Multi-Trip insurance plans are non-renewable, but travelers are free to purchase new plans after the initial coverage period has ended as many times as they would like. 

Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Whether you are traveling alone on business, or with your family on a leisure trip, this coverage can be bought for your entire family. If you are a frequent flier traveling throughout the year out of your home country, a Patriot Multi-trip travel insurance plan will offer you the best possible coverage options.

Do you have more questions about plans and coverages? Find out more about visitors health insurance and travel insurance for parents visiting the USA. Call us anytime at 1-804-325-1385.

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance FAQ

When you leave your home country, your health insurance in your home country may or may not follow you. If you do have coverage to cover you in a foreign country, it may be limited and not provide for transportation back home. Frequent travelers usually find it easiest to buy an annual policy. This provides coverage for medical, evacuation repatriation, and more. In the event you need to use the insurance, you can go to any provider or use the network’s doctors. With a Multi-Trip insurance plan, you can save time and not worry about last-minute insurance purchases.

Typically travel insurance covers you outside your home country or country of citizenship. You can list multiple destinations on the application however only one country outside the home country is typically required.

Single trip insurance plans are designed for people who are only taking one short trip. Multi-Trip plans are typically designed for people taking multiple short trips during the year. There also may be a difference in the amount of coverage you can opt for between single and multi-Trip insurance plans. In the long run, Multi-Trip insurance plans might be cheaper. It should be understood that on a Multi-Trip policy, each trip can have a restriction on the number of days you travel, unlike a single trip insurance plan.

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