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Visitors insurance or visitors health insurance is perfect for all visiting the US from their home country. It would cover treatment expenses related to new injuries and illnesses. Visitors insurance for parents can be used at doctors' offices, hospitals and clinics. Direct, cashless billing is typically possible within the network. Visitors insurance plans protect visitors from unexpected high costs and can be compared for their benefits and costs.

Limited benefit visitor health insurance plans are low cost and cover benefits up to a certain specified amount. With comprehensive visitor insurance plans, there are no sub-limits and the out of pocket costs are limited as long as the treatment expenses are less than the overall policy maximum.

Our Typical Customers

Visiting America, then it is common sense to have visitor health insurance to cover medical expenses during USA visit

Its so affordable & easy to obtain International Student Health for F1 visa & OPT States

Medical Repatriation and Evacuation coverage to satisfy J1/J2 visa requirements.

Avail discounted rates for groups (students & tourists) traveling abroad or to USA