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Short Term Health Insurance, Temporary medical insurance

Visitor Guard® is a top-rated insurance service provider in the USA. We offer the best and affordable short term health insurance in the USA.

Short-term insurance plans typically provide coverage from 30 days up to 180 days. Certain plans may provide coverage up to 365 days. 

With Visitor Guard®, you get to compare between the best temporary health insurance plans and choose the one that suits your needs.

short term health insurance
Short Term Health Insurance

What is Short Term Health Insurance? 

Short term health insurance plans or Temporary health insurance plans provide medical coverage for a limited period of time. These temporary plans provide insurance for a short duration of time with coverage ending when the selected term length concludes.

Short term health insurance plans are ideal for people who are transitioning between jobs or who are temporarily without medical insurance who need a medical insurance plan for that transitory period. Short-term insurance is flexible and coverage begins quickly, with many plans beginning the next day after purchase.  

When compared to conventional major medical coverage, short-term plans are typically more affordable but provide limited coverage.  However, your medical requirements are a deciding factor while going for short-term insurance. There are various types of short-term insurances such as short term travel health insurance. Looking at the benefits that the short-term health insurance covers, the major one being the lower premiums, short-term insurance plans can be a life-saving investment for people who may need financial support in-between other insurances.

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Benefits of Short Term Health Insurance Plans

  • Cost effective: Temporary health insurance plans have budget friendly health coverage that is less expensive than long-term health insurance plans.
  • Great options to choose from: Short term travel health insurance plans provide upto to $2 million policy maximum. 
  • Flexible policies: Their coverage can be bought for 30 days or for up to 12 months by any individual.
  • Simple and easy process: Short term insurance policies come with a simple application process that can be completed at any time by anyone without any hassles.
  • Quick reimburse: Temporary health insurance coverage can take effect as early as the next day after applying.

Why choose us for short term health insurance?

  • Global Network: We are obliged to tell you that the international travelers get our specialized services across the world, ensuring a tension-free experience.
  • 24*7 VIP Customer Support: We want you to have a smooth experience with us. All your short term travel health insurance related questions will be instantly solved by our round-the-clock customer assistance. 
  • Quick Claim Intimation: We help you clear your temporary health insurance claim as soon as we can.
  • Best Insurance Cost: we offer the best short term health insurance plans at best prices, ensuring a smooth and safe user experience.
  • Hassle-free procedure: Get a simple, quick and convenient temporary medical insurance process and get the best deals for yourself. 
 Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

Disadvantages of Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

  • Temporary medical insurance does not meet the ACA standards.
  • No government subsidies. 
  • Pre- defined benefit amount Limited, pre-fixed benefit amount. 
  • Most plans do not provide pre-existing condition coverage, maternity coverage, preventative care, and immunizations.  
  • Short term travel health insurance policies are not guaranteed.
  • Does not pay for mental health.  
  • State restriction

Who needs Short Term Health Insurance?  

  • Short term health insurance is ideal for people who are between jobs or those subjected to a layoff:
    Individuals may be without health insurance if they have gone through a layoff or are temporarily unemployed or may be waiting on their next job to begin. Even if this is a brief temporary period, to avoid unexpected events at any time, it is always a good idea to purchase a temporary health insurance plan for this in-between period.
  • Recent college graduates
    After graduation, students no longer are covered by their student insurance policy. While being unemployed or waiting for a job to begin, the recent graduates or OPT students can consider temporary medical insurance which provides coverage for this transitional period.
  • Dependents no longer covered by their parents’ insurance plan
    Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), young adults under age 26 can be covered as dependents on their parent’s insurance policy. These young adults who will soon turn 26 can consider temporary medical insurance while they wait for employer sponsored insurance or wait for Open Enrollment. and do not have prospective health benefits will need health insurance. A short-term health insurance plan is best for these individuals awaiting an employer-sponsored medical plan.
Short Term Health Insurance
  • if you live outside of the United States and are on a short visit
    US citizens living outside the US and visiting the US for a short duration can consider Short Term Health Insurance as temporary coverage while in the US.
  • New immigrants
    New US immigrants who are waiting for long term health insurance can consider these temporary medical insurance plans.
  • People who missed the Obamacare open enrollment
    Individuals who missed the Obamacare Open Enrollment period or are not eligible for special enrollment period can consider the Short Term health insurance till they can enroll for long term health insurance.


Short Term Health Insurance Facts

How do Short-Term Health Insurance Policies work?

Short-term health insurance plans have policy maximum choices of up to $2 million. Providers offer different choices based on the deductible and coinsurance percentage you might pay with the policy. Typically, if you opt for higher deductibles your monthly premium is lower. Temporary medical insurance policies typically have limited benefits if you compare them with the long-term major medical insurance policies. 

How to use your insurane?

To use your short term health insurance, call the plan’s toll-free number listed on your documents and begin the claim process. You will choose the type of claim you wish to file. Some companies use direct billing which will give you access to a PPO network, and co-insurance that will cost less. Other providers may reimburse you after you pay for the medical expenses. 

How to Purchase a Short Term Health Insurance Plans

Purchasing a short term health insurance plan is quite simple. Many private health insurance companies offer short-term plans. However, a health insurance broker is another option that can save you time and money as well as serve as an advocate for you, the policyholder. Buying a  temporary medical insurance policy online is another purchase option that allows you to compare various plans quickly, and makes it easy for you to find the best short term plan for yourself. You will easily find plenty of insurance agencies online that offer good short term health insurance plans. 

One thing you need to keep in mind before purchasing a temporary medical insurance plan is to ensure that the claim process is simple and fast so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience later. All major credit cards can be used to purchase a short term plan. However, you may also have other payment options to pay for your short term health insurance plan. 

There are several quality providers of temporary medical insurance policies; one such provider is IHC.

purchasing short term insurance online

Best short term health insurance providers in USA 

Short term health insurance can be your savior when you need to fill the temporary coverage gap of your insurance immediately. Visitor Guard® aims to provide you with the best temporary insurance. 

However, here are the 4 best short term health insurance providers in the USA. 

  • Everest:  Everest offers the overall best temporary medical Insurance policies that comes with low copay and a lot of wellness perks. Their coverage includes home healthcare, mental healthcare, physical therapy and more. 
  • IHC Health Group: IHC Health group offers short term travel health insurance plans in over 35 states. Their best part is that they provide routine check-ups in some of their plans. 
  • UnitedHealthcare: UnitedHealthcare has been selling temporary medical insurance plans for more than 30 years now. The company offers prescription coverages of up to $5,000. 
  • Pivot Health: For individuals looking for the best value at a reasonable price, Pivot Health is the perfect option. You get discounted prices at temporary health insurance plans, prescription coverages, and all doctors are accessible with them. 
top rated short term insurance companies

Short-term Health Insurance Explained

Short-term health insurance is not limited to purchase during open enrollment periods so you can purchase it at any time for periods of 30 days to three months. Most temporary medical insurance plans will allow you to cancel at any time without a penalty. If you make monthly payments, merely quit paying when you no longer need coverage. A few temporary health insurance plans will even refund the unused portion of your premium if you cancel your coverage before the expiration date. 

Short term health insurance plans that are under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) must not cap expenses, guarantee acceptance and renewal, not consider pre-existing conditions, and be offered nationwide which usually means they are not cheap. A temporary medical insurance plan avoids this by providing policies that are less than 365 days in duration with most lasting six months. However, short term plans do lack comprehensive coverage which might leave you uninsured in the event of a severe health crisis. A medical underwriting test will not be required for a temporary health insurance If you have a pre-existing condition (depending on the condition), you may or may not be able to get coverage and if you do, the pre-existing condition may not be covered. All temporary medical insurance plans must advise you that they do not meet the government standards of qualifying health insurance. 

As Short term health insurance plans don’t meet the minimum essential coverage (MEC) standards of the ACA, also known as Obamacare it used to be subject to a federal penalty as the policy didn’t meet the minimum essential coverage. However, as of 2019, there is no longer a federal tax penalty for not having MEC. That extra cost for having a temporary medical insurance policy is now gone. However, there might be some state penalties. Your tax advisor can provide you with more information.

Short Term Health Insurance Summarised

  • Short term health insurance is temporary
  • Does not meet Affordable Care Act standards 
  • Does not protect you from tax penalties 
  • Does not cover pre-existing conditions 
  • Will not pay for immunizations
  • Is not guaranteed
  • May not cover prescription drugs
  • Temporary medical insurance plans typically does not cover maternity care
  • Does not provide coverage for mental health

However, short-term health insurance may be an option for you. It is meant to provide coverage in between other health insurance options. If you need coverage for a short duration of time, take a look at what a short-term plan can offer for you.  Contact us if you have any questions

short term health insurance explained

Short Term health Insurance FAQ

Health people might consider a short-term health insurance plan as its premiums are typically lower. Also, healthier people might not have to use the health care system as much. However, these short-term plans do not provide coverage for preventative, pre-existing or maternity coverage. Short term or temporary health insurance plans can provide you with some coverage, but you might have substantial out of pocket costs in the event you have a medical emergency.  

Temporary medical insurance plans do not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, preventive coverage or maternity coverage. These plans also do not provide essential health benefits of Obamacare. They do not provide coverage for injuries or illness related to participating in extreme or dangerous activities 

Short term plans can cover you for incidents that happen after the effective date which are not linked to a preexisting condition or excluded from coverage. These temporary medical insurance plans generally cover outpatient visits to the doctor, emergency room visits, hospital stays, surgeries, and related x-rays and lab services. 

As short-term insurances are for a limited period of time, their costs are minimal too. They are easier on budget than long-term plans. Temporary medical insurance policies are available at a wide range of prices depending on the coverage and requirements of the individual. However, the starting prices are $55 per month, $124 per month and so on. 

The best part about purchasing short term health insurances with Visitor Guard® is that we offer month-to-month short term health insurance plans. In this policy, you just have to pay for the coverage of one month in one go, giving you more flexibility and convenience at a lesser cost. 

To qualify for applying for a short term health insurance, you’ll be required to answer a questionnaire. Some common requirements are listed below. 


  • Pregnant Women
  • People who are already insured with some long-term insurance.
  • People who have been diagnosed with either HIV or AIDS.
  • Individuals having a weight of more than a certain amount. 

More About Short Term Health Insurance


If you have questions about Visitor insurance you have come to the right spot.

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