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Buy Visitor Insurance from USA Vs India [5 Reasons Why]

Buy Visitor Insurance from USA

Buy Visitor Insurance from USA Vs India [5 Reasons Why]

When you plan to travel to the USA from India, there’s a question that lingers in mind: Where should you buy visitor insurance from? Well, many might have advised you to buy it from your home country, i.e., India. But is it really beneficial? Are the plans and rates similar? Will it cover you entirely? 

Here in this blog, we will be addressing such questions while comparing Visitor insurance in USA vs India. We have researched on your behalf and come up with the answer. 

“You should certainly buy visitor insurance from the USA.” 


This blog will take you through various aspects and will tell you why it is beneficial.

Buying Visitors Insurance: USA Vs India

We know answering it straightforwardly is like criticizing, but it is best for you as a traveler. How will you react to the situation when you try to get in touch with your agent, but they do not answer? Or when your insurance expires, and you cannot extend it? These are only a few of them. 

Reason 1: Are Brokers and Agents in India Certified or Licensed?

When we talk about types of visitor insurance, the broker/agent must be licensed or certified under the health insurance agency. In the USA, the brokers/agents are licensed, and you can see the proof as well. While in India, the travel insurance is sold along with the tickets when you book. 

So, the thing is, you cannot buy insurance from the product seller. Also, the agents and brokers in India have little to no knowledge about the working of the healthcare industry in the USA (as they are not certified). And might not be able to help you if you are stuck somewhere.

Reason 2: Is the Visitor Insurance Extendable?

Another reason to think twice about getting insurance from India is whether the policy is extendable. Yes, most companies in the USA providing visitors insurance allow you to extend the plan if you plan on staying longer.

Why is it necessary to consider the extendibility? The health insurance that can be extended will be helpful if you suddenly have to stay in the USA for more time and can provide continuous coverage without any break.

Reason 3: Does the insurance provider have a PPO network?

Buy Visitor Insurance from USA

Think of a situation where you need treatment immediately, but need to locate a hospital/doctor and inquire whether they will accept your insurance. You will experience this if you purchase visitor insurance from India, as they do not have a PPO network in the US. [PPO network stands for Preferred Provider Organization network.]

Health insurance companies in the USA have a PPO network of doctors/hospitals who can accept your insurance. And more importantly, you won’t have to waste time looking for the hospital. You can simply print a list of network providers for the area you will be traveling to.  Locating doctors/hospitals in a foreign country is no easy task, especially when you need them in an emergency.

Reason 4: Do they provide insurance cards and cashless billing?

Have you checked whether a visitor insurance company in India is providing you with an insurance card? They are not. But why is it important? The hospitals in the USA will ask you for the insurance card first. If you don’t have it, they will think twice about accepting your visitor insurance.

For the US-based visitor insurance policies, the insurance card has the PPO network logo, insured person’s name, policy number, address, and contact number of the insurance provider in the USA which makes it easy for providers to reach the insurance company resulting in cashless billing.

If you don’t have an insurance card, you will have to pay at the hospital from your pocket. Then after returning to your home country, you will have to file the claim with all the bills for reimbursement.

Reason 5: Do you get 24/7 customer service and are the costs similar?

Customer service is essential, especially when you are traveling to a foreign country. It can be extremely helpful when you need it the most. Not every company in India provides around-the-clock customer services which might not be the case in the USA.

Stuck somewhere? Give them a call, and you will have the help or assistance right at the moment. Now, when we talk about the cost, undoubtedly there will be a difference. Visitor insurance from the USA could be more costly than in India but would be of better value.

But again, look at the coverage and other services before finalizing. Cheaper health insurance is not always better. Keep one thing in mind, “You get what you pay for!”


So, these were just 5 reasons that explained why you should buy visitors insurance from the USA and not India. There is no question that companies in the USA will have better plans and coverage, as they are very well versed with the healthcare industry over there. Nevertheless, do extensive research while buying Visitor insurance in the USA.

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