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Visitor Guard® - The Best Value in Visitor Insurance

If you are visiting the USA, Visitor Guard®'s visitor insurance can protect you from costly health expenses during your stay. If you experience any new injuries or illnesses or have pre-existing conditions that require treatment during your trip, our visitor's insurance includes plans to get the coverage you need.

Visitor Guard® offers the top-rated medical insurance plans in the USA. Some of our comprehensive US insurance plans offer direct, cashless payments to providers in United Healthcare & Aetna First Health Networks within all states and regions in the US. Visitor Guard® offers specialized visitor insurance for parents visiting the USA. 

Visitor Guard® Insurance Plans Can Cover:

  • Hospital and doctor expenses for illness and injury 
  • Prescription drugs 
  • Emergency medical evacuations 
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions
  • Urgent care and Intensive care

Visitor Guard®'s Reputable Insurance Partners

Many of the best US providers partner with Visitor Guard®, including Trawick International®, International Medical Group (IMG), WorldTrips, Travelex, and Petersens.

  • WorldTrips
  • IMG-logo

Other Insurance Categories We Offer

International Students Insurance
International Students Insurance

Visitor Guard® provides all international students with affordable, comprehensive health insurance plans to cover their back in a foreign country.

Flight Insure
Trip Insurance

Protect your trip with trip insurance that includes flight cancellations, delays, baggage loss, etc.

visitor-guard - globe
Travel Medical Insurance (Outside the US)

For those traveling overseas or outside their home country. Overcomes gaps in Medicare, HMO & HSA plans

visitor-guard - first-aid-kit
Insurance for Pre-existing Conditions

To cover unexpected, life-threatening emergencies for visitors to the US, which includes coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions.


Why buy Insurance Plans from Visitor Guard®

Visitor Guard® offers the affordable visitor insurance plans in USA. Purchase with confidence from experienced, licensed insurance professionals based in the US. You will receive the best value for visitor insurance including benefits, service, and price.

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Best Value in Visitor Insurance

Through Visitor Guard® you can easily compare all trusted US insurance plans and purchase the best plan for your needs online.

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Knowledge & Experience

Leverage the 15+ years of knowledge, expertise, and experience from the Visitor Guard® team to choose the best plan for your needs.

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Fast Service & Best Price Guarantee

You can rest assured that you’ll receive the best price for insurance plans as well as quick, efficient service via phone & online channels.

How to buy a insurance plan in Visitor Guard®

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Step 1:-Check the available plans

Submit your details through the quote form above and check out the plans suitable to your specific needs

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Step 2:-Compare Plans

Compare the pros and cons before choosing the plan best suited to you in terms of budget, coverage, and areas

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Step 3:-Choose a plan and apply

Buy a plan from our trusted insurance providers

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Step 4:-Confirm via email

Check and confirm your documents through your email

Learn more about Insurance


If you have questions about Visitor insurance you have come to the right spot.

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Happy Customer Testimonials

Great customer service, Pallavi (the representative I talked to) had very clear answers to all the questions I had which vastly helped me choose the right plan for my parents. Highly recommend Visitor Guard when you are choosing your policy!

I had called them for to inquire about my parents insurance and coverage in United States, Pallavi was very helpful and went above and beyond to walk me through different options. I would highly recommend them.

I recently was shopping for Travel Health Insurance and had the good fortune to speak with Pallavi at Visitorguard. I had never purchased Travel Health Insurance before and needed to educate myself with all the options. Thankfully Pallavi was very informative, professional and patient as she guided me through the different plans. I sincerely appreciate the guidance and support with this important decision. Thank you!

I have purchased insurance for my parents and in-laws a few times now. is the best site for health insurance for their short visits to US. You get exceptional customer service from staff who are knowledgable and will give good advise on how to choose the plan that will best fit your needs and your budget. The site provides a wealth of information and an easy comparision table to compare the different plans to help select the best option that meets your needs.

Highly recommend purchasing visitors insurance from VisitorGuard. VisitorGuard insurance has protected my children when they went to Europe for vacation and internships as well as when my parents visit the USA for a couple of months. The staff is very knowledgeable, patient with all my questions, available 24 x 7 in guiding you to purchase the best insurance protection for you.

Five Stars all the way!

Have bought visitor insurance for my family’ trips to the US. The VisitorGaurd website makes it easy to compare various plans – their costs & benefits. The agents are patient, polite, and know the pros and cons of the plans. We have bought Atlas as well Liaison in the past.
Definitely recommend them for all your travel insurance needs!

A wide range of plan choices. Very courteous and knowledgeable. I bought the Atlas America plan. We especially liked the acute on-set of preexisting benefit and the 100% coverage after deductible if you go to a doctor in the network. The application process was easy. I received the confirmation right away and was able to download and print the documents including the ID Cards.

I just bought insurance from visitorguard and the experience has been amazing. The website is intuitive, has a lot of articles that explain the nuances of visitor insurance, simple to use navigation that walks you through the process, and within a few clicks I could buy the insurance. It allows to choose for the right coverage and deductible that suits your need and I highly recommend it.

I highly recommend Visitor Guard. The web experience is easy to use and there is lots of useful information for insurance newbies like me. I was able to get personalized advice on which policy has specific COVID coverage which made the process of shopping for insurance for my mom super easy. Very thankful to the team for an outstanding experience.




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