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How do New Immigrants Get Health Insurance in the USA?

New Immigrants Get Health Insurance

How do New Immigrants Get Health Insurance in the USA?

Are you an immigrant arriving in the US? If yes, one of the first things on your to-do list is to get a health insurance plan. Unlike many countries, the US does not have universal health coverage, which means people do not receive free care from going to a hospital or clinic. Though Medicaid and Medicare are government-sponsored health plans, new immigrants are not eligible for these plans.

Is ACA limited to US citizens?

No, new immigrants can apply for a ACA plan through the marketplace

Immigrants can enroll in plans offered through the exchange and can receive premium subsidies if their income makes them elligble. Premium subsidies are available to lawfully present residents and that includes immigration statuses, as well. . Immigrants who have been residing in the US for more than five years may become  eligible for other plans such as Medicare. If you are a recent immigrant, you will not be eligible for Medicaid until and unless you have been staying in the US for at least 5 years. However, some states may have the option to extend health coverage to some immigrants, especially for pregnant women.

If you are a lawfully present immigrant, you can buy private health insurance through the Marketplace. You may be eligible for lower costs on monthly premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs based on your income. If your annual income is between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL),you may qualify for premium tax credits and other savings on Marketplace insurance. Now if your annual household income is above 400% FPL, you may still qualify for premium tax credits that lower your monthly premium for a Marketplace health insurance plan.

If your annual household income is below 100% FP, then if you’re not otherwise eligible for Medicaid you’ll qualify for premium tax credits and other savings on Marketplace insurance, if you meet all other eligibility requirements.

What coverage is available for immigrants above 65 and older?

If you are a new immigrant and above 65, you are not qualified to apply for Medicare and Medicaid unless you have lived in the US for at least 5 years. As new immigrants do not get this option, they can consider the immigrant plans or the federal plans. They need to contact insurance providers like us to cover the medical costs during their stay in the US.

Visitor Guard® has several plans for 65 and older immigrants that are designed to cover significant expenses from hospitalization, doctor’s visit, new accidents or illnesses, intensive care, and more. Some popular plans are Patriot America, Diplomat Long Term, Visitors Care and the Patriot America Plus.

If you are in the US and in the process of getting your Green Card, you are considered a visitor. In such cases, you can apply for our visitor insurance plans and then apply for an immigrant insurance plans once you receive your Green Card.

Can immigrants get coverage outside open enrollment?

Immigrants can get coverage outside open enrollment if any of the special enrollment criteria are met.

Once you become a US citizen or gain lawfully present status, you get 60 days to enroll in a plan through the health insurance exchange. However, some immigrants have access to employer-sponsored plans, which also have special enrollment periods for people hired outside the open enrollment. Open enrollment comes once a year for both individuals and employer-sponsored plans, and new immigrants get the opportunity to enroll in coverage  if they qualify for the special enrollment period.

Can undocumented immigrants get coverage?

Under ACA, lawfully present immigrants can opt for plans offered through an exchange and obtain premium subsidies only if their earnings are between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level (FPL), However, ACA does not approve any undocumented immigrant to get coverage. The law prevents them from buying coverage in the exchange and makes them ineligible for Medicaid, too.

If you or your family is settled in the US, you should understand that the healthcare system is a bit complex. You do not have to be a US citizen to get medical coverage. This is where Visitor Guard® comes into the picture. We have several plans for green card holders and new immigrants like Patriot America Plus , Patriot America, Diplomat Long Term, , Visitors Care, and more. For any queries, contact us.

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