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What are the Best Health Insurance for Parents Visiting USA in 2022?

Best Health Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Best Health Insurance for Parents Visiting USA in 2022

Health insurance plans for parents traveling overseas can help them avoid unnecessary medical expenses, especially during the ongoing stress. Visitor Guard® is one shop stop where people can find some of the best plans for their parents, families, relatives, and friends who are planning to come to the US this year.

Here’re some of the best health insurance for parents visiting USA:

1. Safe Travel USA Comprehensive

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive offers medical coverage to families or individuals traveling to the US from other countries. The plan includes emergency medical and deductible options and includes acute onset of pre-existing conditions, coverage for covid-19, some dental treatment, mental disorders, and optional upgrades like a return to home coverage, athletic sports coverage, and accidental death and dismemberment.

2. Atlas America

If you’re seeking travel and medical benefits, Atlas America is for you. With a wide range of deductible and policy maximum benefit options, the plan suits non-US citizens. Parents, relatives, nannies, exchange scholars, international students, foreign tourists, and more can apply to this plan. Moreover, COVID-19 is treated as any other sicknesses.

3. Patriot America

This plan is designed for non-US residents who need temporary medical coverage in the US and is available for US as well as non-US citizens visiting the US and having a residence outside the US. Friends, relatives, students, and families can purchase this plan while visiting America for education, business, or pleasure. It offers coverage outside the US, as well. The policy doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions but has optional coverage for adventure sports, medical evacuation, and accidental death and dismemberment.

4. Liaison Travel

The plan is made for Non-US and US residents traveling outside their home country. US citizens cannot buy this policy while traveling to the US and its territories. Travelers can choose from three options- Economy, Choice, and Elite, depending on the coverage they want. It has a PPO network inside and offers a range of policy maximum and deductibles. Plus, the plan comes with optional coverage for hazardous sports.

5. Visitor Care Insurance

This is a limited plan that comes with pre-defined limits. The plan, too, has three categories, making it simpler for the tourists to choose one as per their travel and health needs. Here, COVID-19 is treated as same as other illnesses or injuries with a sub-limit. Go through the three options before making a final call.

6. Safe Travels Elite

This is yet another limited visitor insurance plan that is designed for non-US residents traveling to the US and to some other international destinations worldwide for a short stay. The plan is not applicable to US citizens, US residents, and Green Card Holders. The plan covers one acute onset of a pre-existing condition, PPO network, and wellness visit within the first 21 days of the effective date.

7. Inbound USA Insurance

The plan covers non-US residents who are traveling to the US, which you may buy for your parents, family members, spouse, children, and relatives. There are 3 categories of plan- Basic, Choice, and Elite. As it comes with limited coverage, it’s recommended to check the brochure to know the sub-limits before you complete the application for purchase.

Is buying an insurance plan worth it?

Health Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Without an insurance policy, it will be difficult for anyone to meet the medical expenses in the US and other worldwide locations. A visitor health insurance for parents can save you paying from extraordinary medical bills and keep you financially secure. Health issues in elderly adults can crop up anytime, which is why buying a health insurance policy can be a safer decision no matter for how long they’re coming to stay with you in the US.

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Visitor Guard® has comprehensive and fixed benefits plans, but the former has earned more popularity among travelers for traveling to the US. If you’re planning to purchase an insurance plan for your parents this year, do call us! We will explain in detail how the plan works.

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