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All You Need to Know About Pre-Existing Conditions in Health Insurance

Pre-Existing Conditions in Health Insurance

All You Need to Know About Pre-Existing Conditions in Health Insurance

Who doesn’t love traveling abroad? Yet, some people have to avoid it due to pre-existing health conditions. There were times when insurance plans won’t cover pre-existing conditions. But, now almost every visitor insurance plan offers coverage of an acute onset of the pre-existing condition. All you need is to get health insurance with the coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Still, many don’t understand the pre-existing conditions in health insurance and what is its importance. Let’s understand the topic first.

What is a Pre-existing Condition in Health Insurance? 

Just as its name suggests, pre-existing condition means a condition or illness you already had before enrolling for health insurance. Also, this doesn’t mean just fever or cold & cough. It can also be a serious chronic disease like diabetes, cancer, etc.

Things to Know About Pre-Existing Condition Health Insurance

Many rumors are spreading about the coverage of pre-existing conditions in the health insurance related to its claim and everything. Here in this section, you will read about the things that you should know related to the same.

  • You must buy health insurance for pre-existing conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, stroke, epilepsy, breathing, and kidney conditions. 
  • The travel medical insurance will cover you for the same only if the condition is diagnosed before enrolling for the health insurance.
  • The acute onset of pre-existing conditions is covered in many travel health insurance plans but up to the limits. And those will already be mentioned in the brochure.
  • Another thing that you need to know is about the age factor. Almost every insurance company or agency has the age limit to apply for the insurance with the coverage of pre-existing conditions.
  • You will be approved for the pre-existing conditions only after the completion of the ‘look back period.’ it is nothing but the analysis of the health condition between the period of the past 180 days to 2 years.

These were the things that you needed to know about the pre-existing health condition for health insurance. Now let us look at the best plans you can opt for!

Best Health Insurance Plans For Pre-Existing Conditions 

Visitor Guard® has nine different insurance plans that cover the pre-existing conditions specified into two groups: comprehensive plans and limited benefits plans. If you ask us which are the three plans that we recommend our customers to buy, they are as follows:

  1. Safe Travel USA Comprehensive
  2. Patriot Platinum
  3. Atlas America
  • The safe travel USA comprehensive health insurance plan covers both non-US citizens and non-US residents against pre-existing conditions. It treats the COVIS-19 as any other illness and covers the expenses for the same. As for the pricing, it depends on the age, policy maximum, and deductible choice. Its limit ranges from $50,000 to $1 million.
  • The basics are the same in all the insurance policies. Both non-US residents and citizens treat COVD-19 as any other illness, and their pricing depends on the age, policy maximum, and deductible choice.
  • The Patriot Platinum offers the plan maximum limit from $ 1 million to up to $8 million. Whereas Atlas America offers the maximum plan limits between $50,000 to $2 million.

Wait, wait, you are not at the end of the article, we still have one more section. This section will solve your last queries and help you in making the final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you get health insurance with a pre-existing condition?

Yes, understand the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you can get health insurance with a pre-existing condition. Thi scat states that an insurer can’t deny or charge you more for the pre-existing condition. Also, you will get coverage only if it is diagnosed before you apply for health insurance with pre-existing conditions.

2. How to buy health insurance with pre-existing conditions?

You can buy health insurance with pre-existing conditions from insurance companies or agencies. As explained in the above question, the insurer can’t deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions. Have a look at our visitor health insurance plans for pre-existing conditions.

3. What pre-existing conditions are not covered in insurance?

Well, almost every pre-existing condition is covered by health insurance, but the chronic or congenital diseases that are known/bound to gradually increase or worsen with time are not considered as acute onset of pre-existing conditions.


This was the article that explains everything about the pre-existing conditions in health insurance. This type of insurance plan comes with an age limit, so do look for that one. Also, always read the brochure first or consult an expert to make the final decision of purchasing. 

Buy the health insurance with the coverage of pre-existing conditions, rather than staying back home and missing out on the fun in the new places. Visitor Guard® has the best plans curated for you, just contact us and share your requirements to help you in the decision-making process.

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