Visitor Health Insurance: What Qualifies as a Pre-existing Condition?

Visitor Health Insurance: What Qualifies as a Pre-existing Condition?

If you are planning an upcoming vacation to the United States and are looking at purchasing visitor health insurance to cover any medical expenses during your trip, you have probably come across the term “pre-existing condition” more than once in your research. If you are unfamiliar with medical insurance, you Continue reading

Visitor Insurance for Parents 101: A Comprehensive Guide for USA Visitors

Many students and professionals alike immigrate to the United States with the goal of getting an American education or exploring a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity. Most parents of these pioneering souls sacrificed time, resources, and finances so their children could explore these international opportunities. Now these students and professionals can return the favor by having their parents come visit the USA Continue reading

The Visa Overstay Situation

After proposing sensible travel bans during his first year in office, President Donald Trump is now considering limiting or suspending entry to the country for people from nations with high rates of visa overstays, making US visitors wonder, is overstaying a visa a crime? Trump recently signed a memo in Continue reading

Commercial Insurance; What Is It And Why Does Your Company Need It?

Commercial insurance is one of the most critical investments a business owner makes, and it can protect a business from many unforeseen circumstances. Of course, commercial insurance covers property damage and liability, but it also includes business interruption and employee injuries. Without this coverage, a business owner is risking the Continue reading

Mental Health Issues in Children and Teenagers

Five million children in the U.S. are experiencing mental illness. Without proper treatment, these problems carry over into adulthood causing substantial problems. Diagnosing mental illness in children and teens is challenging due to the changes their bodies are experiencing. Physical and emotional growth, and the process of learning to adapt Continue reading