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Weather Hazards to be Prepared for this Autumn Season

be prepared for weather hazards this autumn

Autumn isn’t an easy season for many people. Those in hurricane pathways must deal with the high winds, rain, and tornados that can usually accompany those storms. People living in the north have to get ready for the winter season with snow already falling.

While there is nothing we can do about the weather, we can prepare for it to happen. This keeps everyone out of harm’s way. The following are some of the weather hazards to be prepared for this autumn and how to prepare for them.


Keep an eye on the weather reports because hurricanes tend to take a few days to hit landfall. The biggest problem with hurricanes is the amount of rain and high speed winds. The large amounts of rain can cause dangerous flooding seeping into homes, cars, and then costing thousands of dollars. High winds can cause trees to fall on houses, cars, and even people, leading to costly property damage and death.

The best thing to do to prepare for hurricanes is to pick up all loose outside furniture, grills, and other items. Place them in a garage or other inside storage location. If something cannot be stored somewhere inside, it’s a good idea to nail it down or some people use straps to tie it down.

Windows needs to be boarded with plywood. This will keep them from shattering when the high winds come through the area.

Sandbags will keep water from going into houses. For cars, place them at high elevations. This will keep them from getting flooded out and give you an accessible vehicle to flee from the area if needed.

Most areas susceptible to hurricanes have a hurricane evacuation route. If the governor declares your area a state of emergency, flee the area immediately. Driving a couple of hours at least away can make the difference.

Power usually goes out due to the high winds of a hurricane. This may mean you’ll be unable to cook food. Before a hurricane hit, purchase water, bread, and canned foods. Do not buy anything that is perishable or need refrigerated since the fridge won’t be able to keep anything cold while the power is out.


Tornados are common in the Midwest. They are due to varying temperatures when warm air meets cold air. There’s no way to know if a tornado will hit you. However, there are tornado trackers, which can alert you to the chances there will be a tornado. If your area is under a tornado alert, it’s wise to drive away from the area or go into an area within your home that has no outside walls. This means the room has no walls that are connected to the outside. A basement is a great place for hiding from tornados and the debris that may fall. Under stairwells are also a good idea.

For those who do not have an interior place for hiding from a tornado, go into a bathtub and place a mattress or board on top. This will keep you grounded and keep debris from falling on your head. This is only the last resort since it’s not as safe as the other options.


Snowstorms during fall are typical in the northeast and northwest. Snow can cause vehicle accidents, roof problems, and personal injuries from falls. To prepare for early season snowfall, be sure snow blowers are in good working order. Snow tires for your vehicle are a good idea as well.

Generators are beneficial when there is a snowstorm in case the power goes out. These generators can provide electricity, so that heaters will be able to work. This is one of the biggest concerns for people who deal with a snowstorm. When the electricity goes out, there is no heat. The oven may also not work if it is electric. This is why it’s always good to have extra can goods and other unperishable foods. Jugs of water stored for the fall and winter can provide peace of mind when it seems as though there is a huge storm on the way.

Keep an eye out on the weather that is headed towards your area. There’s always a way to get away from it, even if you have to depend on other people in your area. If you’re not able to or don’t want to leave, take precautions to ensure you and your family remain safe throughout the storm.

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