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Visitor Guard® expands its insurance offerings; “Visitors Protect” now covers Pre-Existing Conditions like any other illnesses


Visitor Guard® has introduced the Visitors Protect plan that covers pre-existing conditions like any other illnesses. Earlier, travelers could find comprehensive and fixed-benefit health insurance policies offering limited coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. No insurance plans covered pre-existing conditions; hence, it was challenging for visitors with pre-existing illnesses to find the right plan. Now, with the Visitors Protect plan, traveling abroad will be easier for visitors.

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Chiranth Nataraj

Chiranth Nataraj

Travel Insurance Expert

Chiranth Nataraj is a licensed insurance agent and the principal at, an independent insurance agency that provides visitor insurance to customers across the United States and the world. With over 20 years of experience, Chiranth has been instrumental in educating the travel community, new immigrants, the international student community, and foreign governments about visitor medical insurance to cover medical expense risks. He has built a team that strives to make the preferred choice for travelers, exchange visitor organizations, and international universities. His insights and expertise have made him a popular industry voice, and he is often featured in USA Today, Forbes, Washington Post, and many more.


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