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5 Things You Must Know Before You Travel to Anguilla

Travel to Anguilla

5 Things You Must Know Before You Travel to Anguilla

The island of Anguilla is a massive 110sq miles, and it’s the northernmost Caribbean Island. That means, if you’re heading to Anguilla from other places in the region, such as Jamaica or Puerto Rico, it will be a long journey that requires patience and endurance. However, whether you’re traveling by plane or boat, there are some things that you must know before you arrive at this beautiful destination.

Here are five things:

1) Importance of passports:

Passports and travel visas should not be taken lightly. It’s essential to take care of your passport because it is proof of your identity; bring it everywhere with you even when leaving for islands close by like Antigua. You can get all the necessary information regarding travel documents by contacting your travel agency or the embassy.

2) Currency regulations:

You will be arriving at the Robert L Bradshaw Airport in Anguilla. The official currency that is used there is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, which is interchangeable with USD. Make sure that you are aware of the regulations regarding travel money to ensure that you exchange according to limits allowed by law. You can check out travel regulations on

3) Getting around: 

The travel agency that you’re dealing with should be able to help you get transportation from the airport to your hotel. There are shuttles and taxis available for hire, but if you prefer the comfort of a rental car – then go ahead and book one in advance. However, remember to travel by boat if you decide to leave Anguilla.

Car rental services are available at airports across Anguilla, but it’s better if you hire a cab during arrival and find out about transportation prices before making any reservations. If you travel by taxi, make sure you travel by official cabs. Otherwise, travel is easy and accessible via bus services on main roads and rentable bicycles on flat roads.

4) Get Travel Insurance

It is very important to travel with travel insurance because what happens if you fall sick on the island? Travelers who travel frequently, especially those who travel by plane, should consider investing in travel insurance. It is necessary for your safety, so it’s better not carve out any excuses! 

There are travel insurance companies that offer coverage for travel to certain countries. Make sure that you inquire about the travel to Anguilla. If your travel agency does not provide travel insurance, I recommend checking out our Anguilla travel insurance plans covering Covid 19. We have competitive rates, and we can allow you to compare prices from different insurance providers. 

5) Visit as many of the Beaches as possible

If you go to Anguilla, make sure that you travel inland and travel to the beaches; in fact, make it your priority. The most spectacular beaches in the world are in Anguilla. When you travel there, do not leave without visiting Meads Bay which is one of the best beaches on Earth. You can also travel around the island to Shoal Bay East and enjoy a white sand beach with amazing views. Beaches like these are awesome destinations for daily tourists who won’t shift from their fast-paced life by experiencing something new!


  • Passports should be taken seriously; always travel with your passport and get travel documents like visas from embassies before traveling anywhere. 
  • Travel money must comply with rules and regulations; make sure you know what these are before exchanging any cash. 
  • It is best to travel by car but travel around via public transport (bus/cab). 
  • You should travel with travel insurance; Visitor Guard® is an excellent choice for travel insurance. 
  • A visit to the beaches is a must while in Anguilla! Make sure you travel around the island to see all of its beauty.


So there you have it! 5 things that you must know before traveling to Anguilla! If you ask me, I say travel insurance is a must because accidents happen, so travel safe! We hope that this has been helpful and we’re sure that you’ll have a wonderful time on this beautiful island!

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