Liaison Travel Insurance – Medical Insurance for International Travelers

  • Who: Liaison Travel Insurance is designed for Non-US and US citizens traveling outside their home country who are at least 14 days old. Ideal for parents, family, and friends must be at least 14 days old to be covered by this plan
  • What: Provides visitors with medical coverage for accidents and illnesses for in-patient as well as out-patient visits, coverage for emergency medical treatment, evacuation, repatriation of remains, trip interruption, AD&D, and more. 
  • Where: You are covered when traveling outside of your home country. US citizens cannot buy a Liaison Travel Medical plan for travel to the United States and U.S. territories. For non-US citizens, the home country is the country where you have your permanent residence. For US citizens, including those with dual citizenship, it is always the United States.
Liaison Travel Insurance

Why is Liaison Travel Insurance Good for Visitors?

Liaison Travel Medical insurance is a comprehensive policy providing three options for medical insurance for visitors to the US. You can opt for coverage and deductible per your requirement.

Plan Benefits: You can choose from three options – Economy, Choice, and Elite. Coverage for medical illnesses and injuries for in-patient and out-patient treatment as well as Urgent Care. Additional benefits include one acute onset of a non-chronic pre-existing condition, AD&D, Trip Interruption, Evacuation, Repatriation, and more. Choose Deductible options from $0 to $5,000. You can review the complete benefits in the Brochure. 

Pre-existing: Coverage is available for one acute onset of a pre-existing condition for eligible medical expenses if treatment is received within 24 hours of the sudden and unexpected recurrence or until the condition is no longer acute or you are discharged from the hospital.

  • Non-US Residents under age 70 traveling in the US:  Up to $50,000 (ages 70+ limited to $10,000). Additional coverage up to $25,000 for emergency medical evacuation
  • US Residents traveling outside the US: Up to the specified limit for a sudden, unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing condition. This benefit does not cover known, required, or expected treatment of any kind existent or necessary for 12 months prior to your coverage.

PPO Hospital NetworkInside the US: Liaison Travel Medical Insurance follows the United Health network. 

Outside the US: has a large international network of providers, and many of them have agreed to bill directly however you may visit any provider you choose.

Special Feature 1: Three levels of coverage- Economy, Choice, Elite with various coverage options.

Special Feature 2: With WellCard Health, save up to 50% on health and wellness services in the U.S.

Special Feature 3: Optional Hazardous Activities  Sports Coverage

comprehensive visitors medical insurance

Coverage Offered by Liaison Travel Medical Insurance

Liaison Travel Medical Insurance has three options to choose from, Economy, Choice, and Elite. The plan offers a range of coverage and has choices from $50,000 to $5,000,000 for the policy maximum and deductible choices from $0, to $5000. The policy covers unexpected injury and illness while you are traveling outside of your home country. You can review the complete benefits in the Brochure

Coverage Highlights:

  • Coverage from 5 days to 364 days for the Economy and Choice, up to 1092 days with the Elite.
  • Insurance for medical accident and sickness, emergency medical and political evacuation, repatriation of remains, trip interruption, baggage, and accidental death & dismemberment
  • Maximum limits ranging from $50,000 to $5,000,000
  • Deductible options from $0 to $5000
  • Coverage for Hospitalization, ER, Dr. Office Visits, Prescription Drugs
  • Coverage for one episode of an acute onset of pre-existing conditions

Benefits for Liaison Travel Insurance 

BenefitCoverage Amount up to 69 yearsCoverage Amount above 70 years 
In-patient HospitalFrom $50,000
to $5,000,000
From $50,000
to $5,000,000
From $50,000
to $5,000,000
From $50,000
to $5,000,000
Doctor VisitFrom $50,000
to $5,000,000
From $50,000
to $5,000,000
From $50,000
to $5,000,000
From $50,000
to $5,000,000
A maximum of $20,000 for above 80 years.


Liaison Travel Insurance Cost

The pricing is dependent on the following factors: The cost will depend on the plan limit, age, number of days, and deductible you choose. Typically, the higher the policy maximum, age, or number of days, the higher will be your insurance price.

Plan Limit: The Economy, Choice and Elite plans have various options to choose from. For ages up to 69 years you can choose from plan limits of $50,000; $100,000; $500,000; $1,000,000; $2,000,000; $5,000,000. For 70 to 79 years you opt for a $50,000 and for Ages 80+, the maximum is $20,000 depending on the plan.

Age: Visitors from 14 days to 99 years can apply for this plan.

Coverage Days: You can sign up for the policy from a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 364 days. The Elite can be extended further up to 1092 days.

Optional Coverage Benefits Riders: Optional riders include the following:

Hazardous Activities: An optional rider is available at an additional premium for hazardous activities.

Liaison Travel Economy Plan Price Table

AgePolicy Max Limit $50,000Policy Max Limit $1,000,000 
From 50 to 59 years$122$205
From 60 to 64 years$153$254
From 65 to 69 years$188$471
From 70 to 79 years$266NA 
Premium based on a $250 deductible for 31 days


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