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How To Choose a Perfect Travel Insurance Plan for your USA trip?  

How To Choose a Perfect Travel Insurance Plan for your USA trip? 

America is a melting pot of diverse cultures and attractions that attracts visitors from all over the world. Visitors worldwide flock to America for its quality of life and surplus opportunities to pursue a better future. The country is undoubtedly mystical and is a dream destination for most visitors to the country. However, going to a hospital in the US is immensely expensive. Having travel insurance coverage has emerged as an important travel document. 

Visitor Health Insurance – Covers the emergency medical and travel expenses of a traveler visiting a new or different country other than the home country. Travelers may visit a country for business, tourism, or temporarily for a brief period of time. Travelers can buy visitor health insurance plans from various choices available in the market and pay them monthly or annually. 

What does travel insurance cover? 

  • Protects you in case of illness or injury while visiting the USA.  
  • Provide coverage for medical emergencies such as doctor visits, hospitalization, intensive care, surgery, and new prescription medicines) up to the pre-determined limit.  
  • Covers Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation – If you are injured or become ill during the trip, you will be taken to the nearest hospital. 

Why Choose a Travel Insurance Plan for US Travel? 

Healthcare in the USA is Expensive: USA has world-class medical facilities, and it is expensive. An average hospitalization costs over $2500 per day in the US. It can be especially traumatic when a short-term visitor must pay a huge bill for an unexpected injury or illness. Hence it is important to buy travel health insurance. Visitors need good visitor health insurance to cover expenses in case of any sudden injury or illness. Without travel insurance, travelers may face a huge financial burden. US Insurance providers like Visitor Guard® have different Travel insurance plans for USA visitors.  

Benefits of Travel Insurance Plan for the USA: 

Cover for the whole family – Travel medical insurance can be bought separately; however, if the family is traveling, travelers can buy insurance covering the family in a single policy. Any illness or injury suffered by the insured family members during the trip can be covered up to the chosen limits for each person on the plan. 

Aid for travelers in a new country – Traveling to an unknown country can sometimes be incredibly stressful. New visitors may find it difficult to access hospitals and doctors if they need medical help in the US. The insurance plan acts as a support system as the insurance providers have tie-ups with various Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), which have a network with many hospitals and doctors in the US. 

Hospitals in the PPO network typically pay directly to the insurance company. Travelers do not have to worry about paperwork and do not have to worry about paying the hospital bill from their pocket till the claims have been settled. Visitors can check the list of hospitals in the PPO network in case of any emergency and seek help from the nearest medical care center. Travel insurance can help you make the most of your trip and explore new places without worrying about your health-related expenses. 

What affects the cost of travel insurance plans for the USA? 

The price varies depending on the following: 

  • Length of the trip: Longer the journey, the higher the cost of the policy. 
  • Policy Maximum: The higher the policy maximum, the higher will be the premium.
  • Deductible:  The higher the deductible, the lower will be the premium. i.e., If you opt for a $0 deductible, the premium will be higher than if you opt for a $500 deductible. Some plans may not have high deductible options but opting for the highest possible deductible the plan has to offer can help reduce the premium.  
  • Your age: Typically, the older you are, the higher the cost. 

Remember these factors when considering different travel insurance options. 

No one likes to think about the possibility of getting sick or injured while on vacation, but if something happens, you will be glad you have travel insurance. It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. If you are ready to start your next adventure worry-free, get quotes today and apply right away. 

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