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Everything you need to know about health insurance for elderly visitors to the US  

Everything you need to know about health insurance for elderly visitors to the US

Elderly visitors coming to the US must buy health insurance to keep them safe during their stay. There can be numerous reasons for visiting the US, but it is always a good practice to carry a travel medical insurance policy before entering the country. If you are 60 and above, you must buy an insurance policy before you plan to visit the US. A health insurance plan has countless benefits. A comprehensive policy not only protects your finances but also offers a stress-free stay abroad.  

Know about health insurance for elderly visitors  

Elderly visitors are prone to getting sick or injured. And if that happens in a foreign land, things can become quite challenging. Visitor insurance for seniors is an insurance plan that provides coverage in the US and overseas. These policies protect people from unexpected medical expenses. Travelers know medical expenditure in the US is one of the highest in the world because of the advanced treatment.

Typically, the plans cover medical costs, acute onset of pre-existing conditions, hospital stays, surgeries, prescription drugs, doctor’s visits, urgent care, emergency dental, emergency medical, evacuation, accidental death and dismemberment, COVID-19 treatment, and more. The schedule benefits depend on the plan you are buying. Hence, it is crucial to review the policy before buying.  

Visitors can find both comprehensive and fixed-benefit plans to buy. Both plans are designed to protect tourists from mishaps. However, comprehensive insurance policies offer much better protection than fixed-benefit plans. These policies are on the higher side. In contrast, fixed-benefit insurance plans are economical and provide basic protection that comes with sub-limits.  

Senior travelers pay more premiums than younger travelers for the same plan due to the health risks associated with them. Moreover, the policy maximum options are also fewer. So, it is wise to talk to your insurance advisor before you continue to buy a plan. Call Visitor Guard® and resolve your queries.  

How to get health insurance for elderly visitors to the US?  

Buying a health insurance policy for elderly visitors is easy. A robust insurance plan must be your friend if you are in your 70s and planning a trip to the US. You need to list your travel and medical requirements to get an insurance policy. For instance, if you have a pre-existing illness, you must choose a plan that offers acute onset of pre-existing coverage. Or, if you wish to hike through some remote trails, you must opt for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. Once you know your basic requirements, you can compare the plans and get quotes.  

You can choose either a fixed benefit plan or a comprehensive plan, depending on how much risk you are willing to take. Check the brochure and understand what it includes. Typically, you will find general exclusions in each plan and then some specific to the plan, which may differ per the plan you opt for. The best thing to do is call us, and we can walk you through the process. It will take a few minutes to choose a suitable plan and get a confirmation in your email.  

Best travel medical insurance plans for elderly visitors to the US  

Visitor Guard® has some popular comprehensive and limited benefit plans for elderly travelers coming to the US or traveling to any country outside their home country. Safe Travel USA Comprehensive, Patriot Travel, and Atlas America are some favored comprehensive plans. In contrast, Safe Travel Elite and Visitors Care Insurance plans have fixed benefits. You can choose a plan depending on your length of stay, medical history, age, medical coverage required, and the premium you prefer to pay.  

If you are traveling with your elderly spouse, you can purchase different policies or a single policy for both. The premium does not change if you are either on the same application or different applications. However, depending on the plan and the age, some plans might force you to complete separate applications. It is recommended to talk to our executives about how the process works. Also, if you and your spouse have different travel dates, you must complete separate or individual applications.  

How much does health insurance for elderly visitors cost?  

Elderly visitors pay more premiums than younger adults for the same plan. For instance, a 70-year-old traveler pays a $329.70 premium for a 30-day Safe Travel Comprehensive plan with a $100,000 policy maximum and a $500 deductible. However, a 25-year-old traveler pays only $44.10 for the same plan with the same variables.  

The cost depends on many factors like length of stay, age, policy maximum, and deductible. For example, the higher the age, the higher the premium, which also is true for the policy maximum. However, if you choose a higher deductible, the premium reduces. So, the cost of a health insurance plan depends on the age, trip duration, policy maximum, and deductible.  

What to look for in elderly visitors’ travel insurance?  

When buying a travel insurance plan, you must determine your travel and medical requirements and opt for a plan that fulfills those requirements the closest. No matter how sound health you are in, you can fall sick, have an injury, or contract coronavirus during your journey. In addition, you become prone to falling ill or injuring yourself with age. A trip to a doctor’s clinic can cost you some thousand dollars in the US.  

 In the event you need hospital stays or surgeries, you may be unable to afford them. Having good travel insurance is always a clever idea. You can select a comprehensive plan from us for the entire duration of the trip. Ensure that the plan covers adequate medical and travel benefits along with COVID-19 protection and acute onset of pre-existing conditions.  


Minor accidents and sudden illnesses can take place. You may not be prepared to spend so much money suddenly, which is why having an insurance policy is needed to safeguard you from unexpected medical expenses. You will receive the highest quality medical care from visiting a hospital to accessing treatment facilities, which can help maintain your budget.  

Visitor Guard® can help you identify your requirements and choose the right plan for your travel. For more information, feel free to contact us. 

Chiranth Nataraj

Chiranth Nataraj

Travel Insurance Expert

Chiranth Nataraj is a licensed insurance agent and the principal at, an independent insurance agency that provides visitor insurance to customers across the United States and the world. With over 20 years of experience, Chiranth has been instrumental in educating the travel community, new immigrants, the international student community, and foreign governments about visitor medical insurance to cover medical expense risks. He has built a team that strives to make the preferred choice for travelers, exchange visitor organizations, and international universities. His insights and expertise have made him a popular industry voice, and he is often featured in USA Today, Forbes, Washington Post, and many more.


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