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Insurance plans available in Indianapolis

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    Insurance plans available in Indianapolis


    I want to take health insurance for my wife, we will be in USA-Indianapolis next week. I came to know that Atlas America provides insurance in Indianapolis, so can you please pass me the information regarding the plans that are available in Indianapolis.

    Information of my wife:
    Age - 24 years
    Date of birth - 20 June 1989
    Need Insurance from period - 05 May 2014 to 14 Oct 2014
    Visa type - H-4
    Want a plan with Zero deductible amount.

    Information needed to me:
    Plans along with Premiums
    List of PPO(in Network) - Doctors, hospitals in Indianapolis with whom your company has tie-up.
    What documents are needed from my side to take the health insurance.


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    As per your email below, please find the different medical maximums and the corresponding premiums for Atlas America with a $0 deductible for the time duration of 05 May 2014 to 14 Oct 2014.
    Coverage 50K 100K 200K 500K 1M
    Premium Deductible $275.47 $353.71 $371.64 $446.62 $493.89
    You can search for providers in the network with the zip code you will be in at

    You can apply for the policy online at ID card along with the other documents can be emailed to you if you opt for ONLINE FULFILLMENT when you complete the application. This is a default selection if you do not change it)

    You can review the benefits in the brochure at
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      Thanks for passing the information, Please let me know that if I opt for 100K plan mentioned by you in below e-mail, will I get 100% cover on Doctor's fee and medical drug fees I mean the insurance company will reimburse 100% of these fees to me.


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        Thank you for your email.

        There is a deductible, co pay and coinsurance that you have to meet. If you opt for a $0 deductible, your deductible is already met. Your coinsurance is waived if you go to a provider in the network (Outside network 80/20 for the first $5000). However you still have to meet your $50 co-pay when you visit an Urgent Care for a sickness or injury. Pharmacies are not in network and hence you have to meet your deductible and co insurance (80/20 for the first $5000 ).