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    Which insurance to select?


    My daughter is a British Citizen. She is currently staying in the US, as a student in North Carolina.

    She is planning a trip from the US to Canada for 1 week and then back to the US . She is not a US citizen but currently living in the US.

    In terms of selecting the Patriot Platinum Travel Insurance, should she apply for the Patriot Platinum America or should it be the Patriot Platinum Travel Medical Insurance?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you!

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    Thank you for your email.

    You can consider the Patriot Travel Medical or the Patriot Platinum Travel Medical (the enhanced version) insurance for your daughter. She can be eligible for both plans.

    You can get a quote and purchase the Patriot Travel insurance at

    Patriot Platinum Travel Insurance quote and purchase is at

    Please let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks!


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      Many thanks for the advice

      In the Application Form, which country should Stephanie selects as Home Country? Is it United Kingdom or United States of America? As I explained, she is a citizen of the United Kingdom but currently staying in the United States as a student; she'll be travelling from the United States to Canada and back to United States.

      Many thanks again for your help.


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        Thank you for your email.

        For the Patriot America plan home country is the same as the country of citizenship, i.e. UK.