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Health Insurance and its benefits

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    Health Insurance and its benefits


    Sorry to bother, recently I got something wrong with my body, I had three nosebleeds this month, sometime I had a headache, and my waist also ached these days, I want to see a doctor and take a physical examination, can you tell me will these can be covered by my Student Secure insurance?


    Best wishes

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    Thank you for your email. Please see the note below that describes how you should use your insurance.

    How to Use Your Insurance

    In the event you need medical attention, present the identification card to your attending physician. The physician is
    welcome to submit bills directly to us. You will need to submit a Claimant's Statement.

    To file a claim, please submit the original, itemized bills and payment receipts to us along with a Claimant’s Statement
    and Authorization form. Claims must be filed within 60 days of the termination date of your policy. You may obtain a
    Claimant's Statement at:

    This insurance policy does contain pre-certification requirements. You need to notify us in advance (within 48 hours for
    emergencies) for any hospitalizations or surgeries as well as other items listed on your identification card or in the policy
    description. You may pre-certify through Client Zone or by phoning HCC Medical Insurance Services. Pre-certification is
    not a guarantee of benefits, please review your policy carefully.

    You can review the PPO network at