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  • Plan offer request for J2 holder

    To whom it may concern,

    I am holding a J2 Visa as a dependent of my husband who is a sponsored international student. We live in Texas presently. I need to get a health insurance covering the minimum requirements for J2 holders. My husband's insurance is paid by his sponsor, but we need to purchase mine individually. So, I'd like to learn if you can offer me a plan just including me for the shortest period with a coverage of minimum requirements.

    Thanks in advance for your interest.

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    You can consider the Patriot Exchange policy that meets the J visa insurance requirements.

    You can get quotes, review details as well apply for the policy online at
    You can review the brochure for details at

    You can also compare the various policies available at



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      I checked the links you sent but I am a bit confused about them. When I tried to fill in the form it says that you are not eligible.

      Could you please be more specific about the plans? I need to purchase my individual plan but I think patriot exchange covers both my husband and me, right?

      I want to purchase a plan individually as a dependent.

      Thank you


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        Also I am confused about whether this is a travel insurance or general health insurance. My husband is studying on his masters and PhD in here USA. he has a health insurance from his school. I need too. I think I need long term health insurance. If I don't get the health insurance, our DS 2019 will be terminated. That is why we are a little curious about this, and need to take correct plan, no other choice !

        Could you help me about to choose the correct plan that covers:

        Health insurance coverage for J-1 and J-2 visitors must include:
        1. Medical benefits of at least $50,000 per illness or accident; AND
        2. Deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness; AND
        3. Medical evacuation benefit in the amount of $10,000; AND
        4. Payment for repatriation of remains in the event of death in the amount of $7,500.

        Sorry for bothering you.


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          Yes, the Patriot Exchange does meet all the requirements listed in your email.

          You can get quotes, review details as well apply for the policy online at
          You can review the brochure for details at



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            Thank you. Can I cancel my plan if I need to do somehow. Will there be a refund in case of cancellation?


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              Full refunds are possible only if a written request (email) is received before the effective date of the policy. Once the policy begins, only full month refunds with a $50 cancellation fee are possible only if there are no claims.


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                Can I make the payment monthly?


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                  You will have to pay the premium upfront for the number of months you apply for. If you would like to pay monthly, you can apply for 1 full month and renew your policy before it expires. However if you need to submit proof of insurance for the entire number of months to the sponsorer, you will have to apply for the entire duration and pay the premium upfront for those number of months.