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Electroceutical Therapy Offers Hope to Patients and Doctors Alike

electroceutical therapy

Technology is changing our lives in every conceivable way, and the field of medicine is certainly not exempt from that statement. Medicine is constantly advancing, and not only does technology allow for new treatments to be developed faster than ever, they also allow them to be tested and results shared more rapidly than before. One area of particular interest is the rise of electroceutical therapy, which many people consider to be an important component of the future of medicine.

What is Electroceutical Therapy?

What exactly is electroceutical therapy, you may wonder if you are not already familiar with this type of treatment? It is a procedure that involves electronic stimulation of the body in order to treat a variety of conditions. It is thought to be able to succeed where other treatments have failed, and some very important organizations within the medical community are supporting it in a big way. For example, the National Institute of Health made a $248 million investment in 2014 to map the electrical wiring of the human body and research this type of therapy.

GlaxoSmithKline has invested $55 million in the technology as well. So there are clearly very real opportunities to revitalize the way healthcare is administered for many patients.

One of the most exciting things about electroceutical therapy is the variety of conditions it may be able to treat. Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, and even Parkinson’s are conditions that medical professionals are currently using, or researching the use of, electroceutical therapy.

Some of those conditions are closer to being treated through electroceutical means than others, but there is reason for great optimism for those maladies and several others within the medical community.

Spinal cord issues are another target for this type of treatment, with over 34,000 patients each year using spinal stimulation therapy in order to recover. Many patients report that back surgery does not prove effective, so rather than subject patients to a difficult process that has a lengthy recovery time and which may not even deliver the desired results, doctors are opting to try spinal cord stimulation instead.

Heart conditions provide another exciting frontier for electroceutical therapy. For many years, pacemakers and other solutions have provided the best available, though not ideal, solutions for patients facing heart disease and other conditions.

Electroceutical therapy provides an exciting alternative. Imagine being able to avoid invasive procedures and get the same or better results than using a pacemaker! Most patients would surely opt for trying this type of treatment over a surgical procedure, and doctors are enthused by the potentially successful results electroceutical options create.

One of the core concepts behind this type of therapy is that the various types of inflammation and pain can be alleviated by directly stimulating the sensory elements of the body. When you consider the many side effects that come with prescription medication, this is quite an important breakthrough. Rather than prescribe a medication which may have a side effect that is equally dangerous to the condition being treated in the first place, electroceutical therapy could offer a safer alternative.

The way these connections occur may be surprising. Did you know that nerves in the ankle are connected to nerves in the pelvis? Because of this, patients who are suffering through pelvic pain could actually see their condition improved through stimulation of the ankle!

Electroceutical therapy truly represents a breakthrough in medical technology that can improve the quality of life for innumerable individuals. Patients suffering from life-threatening conditions may see their situations improve, while those afflicted with nagging pain that causes complications for them each and every day might finally see the relief they have long sought.

The reliance on medications which might have harmful side effects can be lessened as we learn more about what electroceutical therapy can do. We are at the beginning of the curve of learning just what this type of technology can do, but based on the investments health organizations and pharma companies are making, there is clearly much to be excited about. The possibilities for electroceutical therapy as a prominent treatment type are endless, making this an area of medicine to keep an eye on especially if you or a loved one is suffering from a disease that might be impacted by this wonderful innovation.

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