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Know about Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance for J1 Visa holders

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance

Know about Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance for J1 Visa holders

J1 visa holders get the opportunity to work and study abroad in exchange programs. However, they need the right insurance plan to cover them in a new country, which  should satisfy the health requirements of the US State Department. Among all  requirements, J1 visa holders need to have at least $25,000 coverage for repatriation of remains and $50,000 for medical evacuation.

Hence, along with medical insurance of $100,000 per injury and sickness, J1 visa holders need to purchase an insurance plan that covers emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains  while going overseas. Many universities may not provide you with that coverage. Therefore, you need to reach out to insurance companies or insurance brokers like us, Visitor Guard® to get you covered outside your home country.

What is medical evacuation and repatriation insurance?

Emergency medical evacuation can provide you with transportation to the nearest qualified hospital in the event of an accident or medical emergency during the trip so that the insured receives the necessary medical treatment to prevent loss of life or limb.

Repatriation insurance plans can arrange the return of the deceased to the country of his/her residence. Adding medical evacuation and repatriation insurance to your J1 insurance plans gives you extra protection during an emergency.

Medical evacuation plans are also known as Medevac, focusing more on international security evacuation, emergency evacuation, and repatriation. These plans cover up to a certain policy limit and only for the covered reasons mentioned in the policy.

If you are wondering whether J1 visa holders need this plan, the answer is yes! Not only is it mandatory coverage per the US State Department but imagine trekking in a remote jungle trail and you meet with an accident, breaking your bones. What would you do? You call 9-1-1 and use the emergency evacuation, where you will be transported to a qualified medical unit for immediate medical assistance.

There is no guarantee that you will never face any mishap or unfortunate events in your life. There are incidents in which travelers face death or severe physical injuries. Sometimes, the insured’s deceased body needs to be transported back to his/her home country. This is where repatriation insurance comes into the picture.

What more can you expect from this insurance?

Medical emergency evacuation and repatriation insurance provide several assistance services like travel assistance, emergency cash, replacement of lost documents, lost luggage assistance, legal referral, and emergency message forwarding assistance.

In travel assistance, the insured can receive assistance in changing car, airline, accommodation, translation, and interpretation services. The insurance company can help in arranging a transfer of funds from your or your family member’s credit card.

Whether it is tracking your lost luggage in transit or getting the lost traveling documents, your medical evacuation and repatriation insurance can help you. Plus, if you fail to contact your travel companion or any of your family members, your insurance company can help you with the same.

Is buying medical evacuation and repatriation worth it?


Nobody wants to spend money from their pockets to evacuate them to the nearest medical facility  to get treated. Evacuation and repatriation service is not cheap and without proper coverage, it may burn a hole in your pocket.

There is should not more more and more

You not only secure yourself financially in a foreign land but also receive guaranteed hospital care. Are you looking for medical evacuation and repatriation coverage? Find a suitable policy with Visitor Guard®. As eligibility and coverage differ in each policy, get our assistance to know what works best for you!

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