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Emergency Healthcare Abroad: Medicare, Medicaid, and Visitor Insurance Coverage Compared 

Emergency Healthcare Abroad

International travel can be an exciting and enriching experience, but it also comes with its fair share of uncertainties. One of the most crucial aspects of travel planning is ensuring that you have adequate health coverage in case of an emergency. For US citizens, this raises the question of how their domestic health insurance programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, provide coverage when they are abroad. Additionally, many travelers opt for visitor insurance to bridge potential coverage gaps. 

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Understanding Medicare Coverage 

Medicare is a federal health insurance program designed for US citizens to cover eligible individuals aged 65 and older and certain younger individuals with disabilities. Medicare is not available for tourists. 

To be eligible for Medicare, individuals must meet certain criteria: 

  • Age: Most people become eligible for Medicare at age 65. This is known as “Original Medicare.” 
  • Disability: Individuals under 65 with specific disabilities may also qualify for Medicare. They must receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits or have End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). 

Under specific conditions, Original Medicare (consisting of Part A and Part B) may provide coverage for foreign travel emergency care. These instances include: 

  1. While aboard a cruise ship, medical expenses are covered if the vessel remains in US waters. This requirement dictates that the ship is either docked at a US port or within six hours of reaching one. 
  2. When traveling between Alaska and another state, and the nearest hospital is in Canada, Medicare will extend coverage for emergency services within Canada. 
  3. If your primary residence is closer to a hospital outside of US territory, Medicare may cover both emergency and non-emergency inpatient care at the nearest hospital to your home. 

Understanding Medicaid Coverage 

Medicaid is a state and federal program for US citizens that provides health coverage to eligible low-income individuals and families. The coverage and rules for Medicaid can vary significantly from state to state, and international travel is not a covered benefit. Tourists or visitors to the US are not eligible for Medicaid.  

Here are some common eligible criteria: 

  • Low-Income Families: Medicaid often covers low-income families with children, including pregnant women. 
  • Low-Income Adults: Some states have expanded Medicaid to cover low-income adults without children, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 
  • Seniors: Medicaid provides coverage for low-income seniors aged 65 and older, including nursing home care. 
  • Individuals with Disabilities: People with disabilities, both children and adults, are eligible for Medicaid if they meet income and disability criteria. 
  • Pregnant Women: Pregnant women with low income may be eligible for Medicaid coverage during pregnancy and postpartum periods. 
  • Long-Term Care: Medicaid is the primary payer for nursing home care and certain home and community-based services for eligible seniors and individuals with disabilities. 

Medicaid is primarily intended to cover healthcare services within the US. While some states may provide emergency coverage for Medicaid beneficiaries who are temporarily abroad, the rules and limitations can vary. It is essential to check with your state’s Medicaid program to understand their specific policies regarding international coverage. 

Understanding Visitor Insurance Coverage 

Visitor insurance is specifically designed to provide coverage for individuals traveling abroad outisde their home country. It is a popular choice for tourists who want comprehensive protection during their trips while visiting the US or while travelling outside their home country. 

These plans typically offer coverage for medical expenses resulting from illness or injury during your trip, prescription drugs, payment for hospital stays and associated medical bills, emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility, and non-medical benefits like trip interruption, baggage loss, personal liability, and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D). 

Visitor insurance plans have the following components: 

  • Policy Maximum: The maximum amount the insurance company will pay for covered medical expenses during the policy period. 
  • Deductible: The amount you must pay out of pocket before the insurance coverage kicks in. 
  • Coverage Limits: Specific limits for numerous benefits, such as a daily limit for hospital room charges or a maximum amount for prescription medications. 

Common inclusions and exclusions to be aware of include: 

Included Benefits : 

  • Accidental injuries 
  • Sudden illnesses 
  • Emergency medical evacuation 
  • Repatriation of remains 
  • Emergency dental treatment to a sound tooth 
  • Prescription drugs 
  • COVID-19 treatment 


  • Pre-existing medical conditions (coverage may be available for acute onset) 
  • Routine medical check-ups 
  • Vaccinations 
  • Cosmetic procedures 
  • Injuries from hazardous activities (unless additional coverage is purchased) 
  • Mental health conditions 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Attempted suicide or inflicted self-harm 

Choosing the Right Coverage for International Travel 

Choosing the right coverage for international travel depends on several factors, including your age, health status, destination, and the nature of your trip. Here are some considerations: 

Medicare and Medicaid: If you rely on Medicare or Medicaid for your healthcare needs, it is essential to understand their limitations for international coverage. Consider purchasing additional visitor insurance to ensure comprehensive protection abroad. Government insurance programs do not typically offer international coverage to US residents and citizens. 

Visitor Insurance: Visitor insurance is a practical solution for travelers of all ages coming to the US for a temporary visit or travelling outside their home country. It offers peace of mind by providing coverage for medical emergencies and unexpected situations while abroad. 


Does Medicaid offer any coverage for emergency healthcare received outside the US? 

Medicaid does not provide coverage for healthcare services received abroad. It is primarily designed to offer coverage within the United States. 

Can visitor insurance provide coverage for pre-existing conditions while traveling in the US? 

Some visitor insurance plans may offer coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. The coverage and limitations can vary by plan and provider. 

Is visitor insurance suitable for travelers of all ages? 

Yes, visitor insurance is suitable for travelers of all ages. Some plans may have age eligibility from 14 days (about 2 weeks) to 99 years. Check the plan’s documents before proceeding. 

Should US citizens/residents rely solely on Medicare or Medicaid coverage when traveling outside the US? 

Relying solely on Medicare or Medicaid coverage when traveling internationally is not recommended due to their limited or no coverage abroad. It is advisable to consider purchasing additional visitor insurance to ensure comprehensive protection during your trip. 

How can I choose the right visitor insurance plan for my international travel needs? 

To choose the right visitor insurance plan, consider factors such as your age, health status, destination, and the nature of your trip. Compare plans, review coverage details, and consult with insurance providers or agents for guidance. 


Emergency healthcare abroad is a critical consideration for travelers. While Medicare and Medicaid are designed for US citizens and residents for coverage in the US, visitor insurance is specifically designed to provide comprehensive protection for individuals traveling outside their home country. Understanding the coverage options available and choosing the right plan can make a significant difference in ensuring your health and well-being during your international journey. Be proactive and make informed decisions to enjoy a safe and worry-free travel experience. 

Pallavi Sadekar

Pallavi Sadekar

Travel Insurance Expert

Pallavi Sadekar is a seasoned insurance professional with over 17 years of experience in the industry. As the Head of Operations at Visitor Guard®, she brings a wealth of expertise to the field. With a profound understanding of insurance, Pallavi has consistently demonstrated her commitment to helping clients make informed decisions about their coverage.

Pallavi’s insights and advice has earned her recognition in esteemed publications, including Forbes, USA Today, and various online platforms. Her contributions to these outlets have solidified her reputation as a trusted authority in the insurance domain. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of visitor insurance, finding the right coverage for clients, or understanding the intricacies of visitor health insurance, Pallavi’s in-depth knowledge allows her to offer practical and informed guidance to her clients.


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