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Best Visitors Insurance for Parents Over 70 

Best Visitors Insurance for Parents Over 70

Your elderly parents are coming to visit the US- it is a time for joy, family reunions, and creating lasting memories. But amidst the excitement, there is a crucial aspect to consider- their health and well-being during their visit. The US healthcare system can be complex and expensive. Even minor medical issues can result in significant bills. This is where visitor insurance comes in, offering a safety net that protects your parents financially in case of unexpected medical emergencies or illnesses. 

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Why Senior Visitors Need Visitor Insurance in the US? 

  1. Increased vulnerability due to age: As we age, our bodies become more susceptible to unexpected illnesses or injuries. Senior visitors may have several health conditions that could require medical attention during their US trip. Visitor insurance helps offset the costs associated with unexpected medical emergencies or illnesses. 
  2. High US healthcare costs: The US healthcare system is known for its excessive costs. Even seemingly minor medical issues can result in significant bills. Without visitor insurance, parents could face a substantial financial burden if they require medical care during their visit. 
  3. Peace of mind: Knowing your elderly parents have visitor insurance allows both you and them to enjoy their visit without the constant worry of potential medical bills. This can create a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. 

The Best Insurance Plans for Parents Over 70 

1. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive 

Safe Travels USA Comprehensive is an affordable comprehensive visitor insurance plan for US visitors, making it an ideal policy for senior citizens, offering coverage from 5 days to 364 days (about 12 months). The plan is available until the age of 89 years. It covers medical and accident expenses, medical evacuation, repatriation, COVID-19, doctor wellness visit, trip interruption, baggage loss, and more. However, it does not cover the acute onset of pre-existing conditions for individuals above 69 years. 

Why is it a suitable plan for your parents? 

  • 100% co-insurance after deductible 
  • COVID-19 is treated like any other illness. 
  • $125 Doctor Wellness Visit Benefit 
  • Emergency medical evacuation – up to $2,000,000. 
  • Medically necessary repatriation up to $15,000 
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment up to $25,000 
  • Dental treatment up to $250 for injury or pain to a sound natural tooth. 

2. Patriot America Plus  

Patriot America Plus is ideal for elderly parents coming to the US from their home country. The plan is available for individuals 14 days (about 2 weeks) to 99 years, making it ideal for 70+ senior travelers. It offers benefits such as hospitalization, prescription drugs, and urgent care visits. It can be purchased from 5 days to 12 months and then renewed up to 2 years.  

Why is it a suitable plan for your parents? 

  • $25 copay for urgent care and $15 copay for walk-in clinic. 
  • Prescription drugs and medicines up to the maximum limit 
  • Emergency medical evacuation up to $1,000,000 
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment up to $50,000. 
  • Dental Treatment to sound natural teeth up to $300. 

3. Visit USA 

Visit USA is another comprehensive visitor insurance plan that comes with three categories of policies for senior travelers: Budget Plan, Standard Plan, and Superior Plan. The age eligibility range is from 14 days (about 2 weeks) to 80 years and above. Some plans cover up to 69 years (Plan B for both Budget and Standard plan). The plan can be purchased from 5 days to 364 days (about 12 months). 

Why is it a suitable plan for your parents? 

  • $50 co-payment for Urgent Care Visits (waived with a $0 deductible) with the Standard and Superior Plan 
  • Emergency medical evacuation up to $500,000 
  • Emergency reunion up to $15,000 
  • COVID-19 coverage is included for all categories of plans.  
  • Medical Evacuation up to $250,000 lifetime maximum 
  • Repatriation up to $50,000 or $5,000 for cremation or burial 

4. Safe Travels Elite  

Safe Travels Elite is the best seller fixed benefit plan available to seniors. The plan is available from ages 14 days (about 2 weeks) to 89 years, making it perfect for seniors who are 70+. It offers coverage from 5 days to 364 days (about 12 months), including medical illnesses and accidents acute on-set of pre-existing conditions, well doctor visit, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, with sub-limits. 

Why is it a suitable plan for your parents? 

  • $125 for Well Doctor Visit 
  • Covers one Acute Onset episode of a Pre-Existing condition. 
  • COVID-19 covered as any other illness. 
  • Doctor Visits $100 per visit (1 visit per day, 30 visits per injury sickness). 
  • Prescription drugs $350 per injury sickness. 
  • Dental accidents $750 max 
  • Ambulance $650 per injury sickness.  


Why do my parents over 70 need visitor insurance for their US trip? 

Even healthy seniors can encounter unexpected medical issues during their visit. US healthcare costs are high, and visitor insurance helps offset potential financial burdens associated with illness or injury. 

What are the biggest challenges in finding visitor insurance for parents over 70? 

Age is a major factor. Also, pre-existing conditions are excluded in visitor insurance plans, only the acute onset of non-chronic pre-existing conditions have pre-defined coverage on many plans. 

What are some key considerations when choosing a plan for my parents? 

Be honest about their health history to find plans with some coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Choose a plan that offers the level of medical coverage needed for their trip (basic vs. comprehensive). Consider trip duration, destination, and any planned activities that might require additional coverage. 

What about coverage for medical evacuation or repatriation? 

This is crucial. Unexpected emergencies might require them to be transported to the nearest qualified medical facility for medical care. Look for plans with evacuation and repatriation coverage. 

What about dental emergencies? 

Visitor insurance plans do not cover regular dental issues. Some plans can cover dental emergencies for unexpected pain or abscesses to a naturally sound tooth and may cover for injuries due to an accident. 

How much does visitor insurance typically cost for parents over 70? 

Premiums vary depending on factors like age, trip duration, deductible, and policy maximum. Be prepared to pay more for plans with comprehensive coverage for seniors. 


Travel insurance is a crucial aspect of planning a trip, especially for senior citizens heading to the US. It offers financial protection and peace of mind, ensuring that unexpected events do not disrupt the travel experience. To find an ideal plan for your parents, feel free to contact Visitor Guard®. 

Pallavi Sadekar

Pallavi Sadekar

Travel Insurance Expert

Pallavi Sadekar is a seasoned insurance professional with over 17 years of experience in the industry. As the Head of Operations at Visitor Guard®, she brings a wealth of expertise to the field. With a profound understanding of insurance, Pallavi has consistently demonstrated her commitment to helping clients make informed decisions about their coverage.

Pallavi’s insights and advice has earned her recognition in esteemed publications, including Forbes, USA Today, and various online platforms. Her contributions to these outlets have solidified her reputation as a trusted authority in the insurance domain. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of visitor insurance, finding the right coverage for clients, or understanding the intricacies of visitor health insurance, Pallavi’s in-depth knowledge allows her to offer practical and informed guidance to her clients.


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