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Best Visitors Insurance for Parents over 70 

Best Visitors Insurance for Parents over 70

Though your parents reach their golden years, the joy of travel remains. But ensuring their well-being during international adventures becomes a top priority. Traditional travel insurance might not always be suitable for seniors due to pre-existing conditions and age limitations. Fear not! Specialized visitor insurance plans for parents over 70 exist to provide them with the financial protection they need. Let us explore the best insurance plans for them. 

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Best Insurance Policies for Parents Over 70 

Visit USA 

Visit USA is a comprehensive policy that offers a range of policy maximum options up to 80+ per policy period. Underwritten by Lloyds, the plan covers hospitalization, doctor’s visit, prescription, acute onset of pre-existing conditions, dental emergencies, evacuation, repatriation, and more. 

Why is it suitable for 70+? 

  • In network, the plan pays 100% up to policy maximum per year (Standard Plan and Superior Plan). 
  • Covers up to $2500 above 65 years, when treatment is obtained within 24 hours for acute onset of non-chronic pre-existing conditions Covers COVID-19 treatment. 
  • Covers Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains. 
  • Offers 24/7 Worldwide Assistance 

Atlas America 

Atlas America is one of the best seller plans for senior travelers coming to the US. It offers a policy maximum up to $100,000 for seniors aged between 65 to 79 years. The plan covers medical expenses, hospitalization, urgent care, emergency medical evacuations, repatriation and more. 

Why is it suitable for 70+? 

  • The plan pays 100% of eligible expenses after the deductible up to the overall maximum limit. 
  • It covers the Intensive Care Unit up to the overall maximum limit. 
  • Covers the acute onset of non-chronic pre-existing conditions up to $50,000 when treatment is obtained within 24hrs for acute onset of non-chronic pre-existing conditions for under 80 years. 
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage for 70-74 years offer $12,500 for lifetime maximum, death, and loss of 2 limbs. 
  • Covers Bedside visit up to $1,500 and not subject to deductible. 

Visitors Protect 

Visitors Protect is yet another comprehensive policy designed to protect travelers traveling from their home country to the US, Canada, and Mexico. This policy offers temporary coverage for pre-existing conditions, making it easier for seniors to travel worry-free with confidence.

Why is it suitable for 70+? 

  • The plan offers per injury/illness maximum limit up to $50,000 for ages 70 and older. 
  • The plan pays 75% of the coinsurance in-network. 
  • Covers pre-existing conditions up to $20,000 for ages 70 and older. 
  • Offers 100% CareClix Consultation, and not subject to deductible. 
  • Offers 75% coverage to hospital emergency room, hospitalization, and Intensive Care. 

Atlas Premium America 

Atlas Premium America offers an overall policy maximum from $50,000 to $100,000 from ages 65 to 79, making it a desired policy for the elderly travelers. The plan not only focuses on medical benefits but also on trip-related benefits like trip interruption, trip delay, lost luggage, lost passport, and more. 

Why is it suitable for 70+? 

  • The plan pays 100% of eligible expenses after the deductible up to the overall maximum limit. 
  • The plan offers policy maximum from the age 65 to79 is in between $50,000 to $100,000. 
  • Covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions up to the overall maximum limit and up to $25,000 lifetime maximum for Emergency Medical Evacuation. 
  • Covers Emergency Quarantine Indemnity for COVID-19 up to $50 a day for 10 days (about 1 and a half weeks). 
  • Covers Accidental Death and Dismemberment for members aged 70 to 74 up to $12,500 for lifetime maximum, death, and loss of 2 limbs. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Policy for 70+ 

Here are 3 crucial factors to consider before buying visitor insurance specifically designed for parents over 70: 

  1. Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: As we age, health concerns become more prevalent. Carefully review the plan details to understand how these conditions are handled. Look for plans offering coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions, even if it comes with limitations like higher premiums or exclusions. 
  2. Medical Coverage Limits and Exclusions: Medical emergencies can be financially devastating, especially during international travel. Focus on plans with substantial medical expense coverage, including hospitalization, doctor visits, medications, and ambulance services. Pay close attention to coverage limits, which represent the maximum amount the insurance company will pay for covered medical expenses. 
  3. Look for Additional Benefits: While medical coverage is paramount, some visitor insurance plans for seniors offer additional benefits that can enhance their travel experience. These might include 24/7 travel assistance services, providing support with lost luggage, translation services, or even emergency medical evacuation (depending on the plan). 


1. What is the most crucial factor when choosing visitor insurance for my parents? 

Comprehensive medical coverage is crucial. Look for plans covering hospitalization, doctor visits, medications, acute onset of pre-existing conditions, ambulance services, and travel-related benefits, preferably without pre-defined limits for these benefits.  

2. Are there age limitations for visitor insurance over 70? 

Yes, some plans have age restrictions for eligibility. Review age limits before purchasing to ensure your parents qualify for coverage. 

3. Can I compare different visitor insurance plans for parents? 

Yes! Several online resources allow you to compare plans from various providers based on your parents’ age, trip duration, and desired coverage level. 

4. Can I get visitor insurance for parents visiting multiple countries? 

Yes, there are many plans that offer coverage in multiple countries. Most of the plans offer coverage outside one’s country of citizenship or country of residence, unless specifically defined to provide coverage in the US only.  E.g. Visitors Protect plan offer coverage in the US, Canada, and Mexico, providing protection throughout your parents’ entire international adventure, if they stay within the covered region. 

5. What if my parents already have health insurance in their home country? 

While your parents might have health insurance back home, it may not extend coverage internationally. Visitor insurance specifically bridges the gap by providing medical coverage in the country they are visiting. 

6. How long is the typical coverage period for visitor insurance? 

Coverage periods for visitor insurance for parents over 70 can vary. Plans typically offer options ranging from a few days to a full year. Plans can be bought for as little as 5 days to a maximum of 364 days after which some plans may allow further renewal. Choose a plan that aligns with the duration of your parents’ intended visit. 


With the proper insurance in place, your parents can explore the world with confidence, knowing they are well-covered for unexpected medical emergencies or trip disruptions. So, bon voyage to your parents’ safe and healthy travels! 

For more queries and concerns, do not hesitate to contact Visitor Guard®. 

Pallavi Sadekar

Pallavi Sadekar

Travel Insurance Expert

Pallavi Sadekar is a seasoned insurance professional with over 17 years of experience in the industry. As the Head of Operations at Visitor Guard®, she brings a wealth of expertise to the field. With a profound understanding of insurance, Pallavi has consistently demonstrated her commitment to helping clients make informed decisions about their coverage.

Pallavi’s insights and advice has earned her recognition in esteemed publications, including Forbes, USA Today, and various online platforms. Her contributions to these outlets have solidified her reputation as a trusted authority in the insurance domain. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of visitor insurance, finding the right coverage for clients, or understanding the intricacies of visitor health insurance, Pallavi’s in-depth knowledge allows her to offer practical and informed guidance to her clients.


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