Travelling to Cuba: 5 Things You Need to Know

Cuba is hot right now. The Caribbean destination has always attracted adventurous travelers from around the world but with recent changes to how US citizens can access the island, more attention is focused on historic Havana and Cuba’s palm-fringed beaches. Tourists of all nationalities will find a wealth of sights Continue reading

Travels For Business: Are They Worth It?

While business travels are essential in this global village of ours, it is no secret that frequent and long distance travelling takes a toll on one’s health. Columbia University researchers have listed the jet lag and associated insomnia as one of the inevitable, yet most important health hazards. Jet lags Continue reading

Taking Care of Business Travelers

As the economy stabilizes and corporate journeys return to “business as usual”, it is important to address the concerns of business travelers. Commercial travelling is a vital piece to the wellbeing of many organizations. Likewise, the welfare of the employees who travel on work needs to be a priority. Business Continue reading