Patriot group insurance is ideal for families and groups(5 or more) traveling internationally. The optional riders for adventure sports, faculty leader replacement and citizenship return help groups customize the plan as required.

Atlas group insurance provides coverage for groups traveling away from home. Coverage includes political evacuation and natural disaster benefits. Atlas Group also covers complications of pregnancy for the first 26 weeks.

Visitorguard® Travel Insurance for groups of International Students and Visitors

Group travel insurance is ideal for groups traveling together outside their home country. Medical expenses in the US and other developed nations are very high, group travel insurance provides comprehensive medical coverage for the treatment of new sicknesses and injuries. In addition, emergency medical evacuation, coverage for terrorism and related events as well repatriation of remains is covered. Injuries that occur while taking part in popular holiday sports such as snowboarding, skiing, and snorkeling are covered.

International and multi lingual client service is available 24/7, making travel assistance easily available wherever in the world one is. Group plans can provide coverage for trips of 10 days to up to two years.

The next time you have a group of 5 or more members consider getting a group plan instead of individual policies to get similar benefits at a reduced group rate. A group plan is also easier to purchase and manage than several individual policies. Each member in the group has to pick the same maximum coverage limit and the same deductible but they can each have different coverage dates.