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Tips and Advice for Indians Moving Back to India

Visitor Health Insurance from India to USA

Are you an Indian settled in the US and thinking about how great it would be to go “back home”? Have you lived in America for many years but are now wondering whether you would be better off in India? Perhaps you have heard recent news that Al Qaeda is setting up a new cell in the country and you wonder if India is still safe or will terrorism affect your daily life there. If you are an Indian settled abroad and thinking of returning, read on.

Returning to live in India has many advantages. You don’t need to worry about visas for living in US – you cut out the stress of applying for extensions, filing for family, and worrying about the cost of paperwork. You don’t feel like you are a foreigner anymore – you are in your own land. Plus you enjoy all the food you missed while in the United States, the festivals you can now take part in, and many people feel more at home in familiar surroundings with family and friends.

Why Do You Want to Go Back?

First of all, the most important question you need to ask yourself and answer truthfully: why do you want to go back to India? The answer to the question may affect how well you make the transition, and whether you will truly be happy in your home country. It is best if you have a compelling reason to return because you will suffer during the period of readjustment when you begin your new life in India. For example, if you have an overly rose-tinted view of how great and amazing India is in comparison to the US, you may be disappointed. It is often the case that situations and countries look different when you are abroad. Once you get there, you wind up being frustrated by all the things that aren’t so good – the traffic, the over-population, the pollution, the unauthorized development. You need a good reason to return that will see you through this transition period when you readjust to life in India.

Returning to Work

Many Indians are having a tough time finding a job in the West so decide to come back to India to get a better position and one that will pay well. It is certainly true that the opportunities you experienced in the West could be put to good use in India.

But did you think that you would come back to India and be welcomed with open arms because you have a foreign degree or work experience in the US? Plenty of people are in the same position as you. If you want to make a good career for yourself in India you need to do what you would in the same position in the US – put together a compelling resume that highlights your skills, look for jobs where you would be an asset, and work on your presentation skills. But you can’t ignore the fact that the growing economy in India is a powerful draw.

returning to work in India

Returning to be with Family

One of the most common reasons why Indians return to the country is to be with family and friends again. Specifically, spending time with an aging parent is one compelling reason to make the move. Many people find they have become lonely in the States and miss being close to the people they love. Returning to be with family is a valid reason for making the trip, and many people feel happier and more fulfilled when they return.

Is Terrorism a Problem in India?

Recent news reports highlight that Al Qaeda is enhancing its presence in India with the opening of a new cell. The terrorist group is looking to gain followers and a bigger presence in the region, as well as increase its power over other groups like ISIS. On hearing this news you may be wondering whether you and your family will be safe if you return to India. Experts believe that Al Qaeda will not succeed to a great extent in the country – India is a more stable country than the places where Al Qaeda is strong, and the security forces are more organized with more power. The truth is that terrorist attacks could happen anywhere – in the US, in India, on vacation in Europe… If you are thinking of moving back home, it is wise to consider the benefits over whether you will be affected by terrorism.

What are some Tips for Returning to India?

Make your plans well.  Where are you going to live? Plan carefully where you want to settle – do you want to be close to family? Or do you want to go where the work is plentiful? What car will you drive, if any? What will you do for work?

It is easy to get discouraged when you return if you do not have a decent job, study, or occupation. Prepare your job hunt well and prepare a business plan if you are thinking of setting up your own enterprise. Taking care of medical insurance while settling down will ease a little bit of the stress in the event of an illness or injury. Make sure you have good medical insurance covering the family. you will need to apply for an Aadhaar and PAN Card

Before you leave the country, get your finances in order. Close bank accounts and credit cards – if you leave accounts active then they will not be able to find you to return the money and you end up ruining your credit history. Plan your move so you don’t lose money when breaking a lease on a rental property. Factor in enough time to sell your house if you own property. Organize your shipping needs in advance. Good luck with the move!

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