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Important Reasons to Get Your Child Vaccinated

why should you get children vaccinated?

Parents start making decisions about their children as soon as they are born. These decisions could range from where to live, education, traveling to provide children with various experiences, visitors insurance while traveling, and many more. One of the most important decisions they make has to do with vaccinations. When trying to decide for your children, consider these important reasons you should choose to have them vaccinated.

Vaccinations Protect Children from Diseases

Medical science has been able to create vaccinations that can protect your children from many diseases. These diseases used to disable or kill thousands upon thousands of children every year. Now that these medications are available, children’s lives have been saved.
One example of a disease that has been eradicated in the United States because of immunizations is Polio. Polio paralyzed and killed many Americans every year. It was the most feared disease. Now, there are no reported Polio cases and there haven’t been for a long time. Do remember that vaccinations provided to children could be different in different countries. If you do decide to travel and move your home when your children are still small, make sure to research and talk to a medical professional about the list of vaccinations before traveling. Also, think about the visitors medical insurance you will need while traveling and if vaccinations can be covered by that insurance.

They Are Safe

Only vaccines reviewed by scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals end up being released to the public. They have been tested for both safety and effectiveness for years before they are administered. The only side effects that are known to be a direct cause of vaccinations are pain, redness, and tenderness at the injection site. Lethal side effects are rare.

Some studies have shown that vaccinations can cause autism in children. At this time, there is no direct link from the immunizations to autism. It is speculation. It’s important to do your research when making a decision. Be sure to read all of the literature carefully because there is a lot of erroneous information on the Internet.

Vaccines Protect Others

Many infants and young children are not old enough or well enough to receive certain vaccinations. This means they can be susceptible to diseases that are preventable with immunizations. If there are older children or adults suffering from a disease prevented by vaccines, babies and toddlers may end up catching it. Since their immune systems are not as strong, the prognosis can be much worse than it is for adults.

Examples of these are measles and whooping cough. While there are immunizations for these, they are not given until babies are toddlers. This means that if someone is not vaccinated and ends up with measles or whooping cough, babies can get them, and it can be fatal.

Immunizations Save Money

The cost of treating diseases preventable by vaccines is horrendous. People have spent millions of dollars on care for their loved ones who end up suffering from a disease that could have been prevented. Insurance does not cover all medical bills when there is a serious health condition, which can put some people in stressful financial situations.

They Eliminate Diseases for Future Generations

As generation after generation receives vaccinations, eventually diseases no longer exist. When those diseases no longer exist, the vaccinations for them won’t either.

Smallpox used to be a rampant disease that people were fearful of because it caused many deaths. As people started getting vaccinated for smallpox, fewer people caught it, and eventually, no one had it. Now, there is no need for the smallpox vaccine because no one can catch it since it no longer exists.

vaccinations eliminate diseases for future generations

Immunizations Improve Quality of Life

Without vaccinations, people can live in fear. They may wonder if someone next to them has a disease. They may not be able to go into hospitals. They may be afraid to even go to a doctor’s office.

Immunizations give people confidence. They are confident knowing that if there is a preventable disease around them, they won’t have to worry about it because they have been vaccinated. They walk around knowing that they are protected from some of the most debilitating, deadly diseases around.

Parents – you have an important decision to make right now. The future of your children’s lives and their children’s lives depends on your decision. Make that decision understanding the importance of immunizations and speak to your doctor for more information. As you research, you may find some evidence against vaccines. Read through it thoroughly and with a critical eye. Much of the research against vaccinations isn’t valid or reliable.

Protect your children as you’ve been protected. Lives depends on it.

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