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    Inquiry about insurance


    I am from Ecuador, but I'm currently living in the US, I got married here. my paperwork was sent to the UCIS immigration office, but I still don't qualify for domestic medical insurance, I was wondering If your company have a plan for people who are yet to obtain their green cards. Me and my husband are looking for the best options that will get me to be able to go to the doctor, without stress.

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    You can consider the plans at The plans offer protection if for an illness or injury that happens after the effective date of the policy for which you have to see a doctor. Preventative care or preexisting conditions are typically excluded from coverage. There are a few plans which provide you with an acute onset of a preexisting condition.

    Please answer the questions at the link above and click on “Get Quote” You will be able to compare plans to fit your requirement.


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      We have been looking at the different options, currently leaning towards Liaison® Travel Medical Insurance for International Travelers.

      We are wondering how the payment method is, is it pay up front, or monthly.

      If is pay up front, is there a way to finance it?


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        With the Liaison Travel you have three options- Economy, Choice and Elite. You can review the brochure for details at and apply for the plan of choice at

        You will have to pay for the entire number of days you apply for. If you would like to make monthly payments, you can apply for a month and keep renewing before the policy expires.