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    Hi, I am a British Citizen working in the USA on a 3 year contract. I'm half way through and have about 18 month left and want to bring my mother in law over from England to live with us. She's 88 yrs old and is a UK resident. She is generally well and takes no regular medication. Can you advise? I'm looking for a health plan that will cover her medical care whilst she lives with us.

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    You can consider the ‘Safe Travel Limited Benefits Diamond’ and the ‘Safe Travel Comprehensive’ plans.

    Simply enter the age of 88 on the form at and click the get quote button to find the quotes for these plans in the results matrix page.

    The Limited Benefits plan has daily sub-limits for benefits whereas the Comprehensive plan has very few sub-limits. Both plans provide hospital and out-patient clinic benefits for a sudden sickness or an injury while visiting the US.