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Atlas america medical expense and ER coverage

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    Atlas america medical expense and ER coverage


    I was looking at the plan atlas america for 50000$ at 0 deductible pm at the rate of 73 $

    my family details are as follows

    mine 06-18-85
    spouse 02-18-85
    child 11-16-2011

    came to USA on 2nd april 2014

    Can you please check and reply on the basis on these details.
    From this plan what I understand is that each and every visit of ours to the doc or Emergency Room or any other surgery is covered under this policy and I don't have to pay any amount till 50000$. Is that right?

    Thanking you

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    Under the Atlas plan with your choice of $50,000 and $0 deductible for covered medical expenses when you visit providers (hospitals, doctors etc) within the plan network you can have 100% protection up to a limit of $50,000. Please make sure you stay within the plan provider network; search for providers ! at to have the best value protection.

    You can purchase the plan at

    Please let us know if you have additional questions. Off course you can review the additional plan details at
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      What's the best rate that you can offer?


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        We offer you a low price guarantee on all our products. You will not find the same plan with the same protection options (i.e. maximum, deductible, dates etc.) anywhere else. We are Better Business Bureau Certified!