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Travel Insurance for Hazardous Sports

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  • Travel Insurance for Hazardous Sports

    Please send me a quote for Travel Insurance including Hazardous Sports Rider coverage to my son From 05/25/2014 to 05/28/2014

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    Hi ,

    Thank you for your email. Would you please confirm the dates (just 4 days??). Also, describe the activity that the kid is going to be engaged in.


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      He will be participating in a soccer tournament. I want to make sure that he’ll be covered under this plan if he has any injury while playing.


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        Thank you for your email.

        Could you please let me know what kind of tournament this will be? Is it through a sports camp, will there be any monetary prizes? Could you please provide us as many details as possible?
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          It's a soccer tournament in Florida.
          He is participating with his local soccer club here in Haiti.
          There are no monetary prizes.
          Country of citizenship: France


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            Based on all the information received, you can consider the Diplomat America policy. The policy provides $20K in protection for interscholastic sports activities when the sports rider is added.

            You can review the benefits in the brochure at

            You can apply for the policy at (The minimum number of days the policy can be purchased is 15 days. )