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Insurance coverage for Maternity

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    Insurance coverage for Maternity

    Hello Team,

    I am from India and I like to buy medical insurance for my wife.

    she will be visiting to USA state in month of August,14 for 2-3 months and she already have B1 visa so that wouldn't be a problem i hope

    Since we are planning baby this year so might she would be expecting during her USA visit and might need to have delivery there.

    so i need a insurance which covers her maternity and wellness benefits. As of now she is not diagnosed pregnancy.

    Please confirm if you can advise any medical policy which will cover maternity packages.

    I am ready to buy it on immediate basis, if there is any.


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    Thank you for contacting us. None of the visitor plans cover pregnancy. The AtlasAmerica can offer coverage for complications due to pregnancy for the first 26 weeks.

    You can get quotes, review details as well as purchase the Atlas America plan at

    You can review the brochure at

    You can search for providers in the network at

    Please feel free to call us at 1-877-593-5403 if you have any questions.

    Thank you for providing us an opportunity to be of service to you!"
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      She actually will not be on visitor visa as she is having B1 visa valid till 2017.

      Can this be helpful.



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        Thank you for your email.

        Atlas America is available also for B1 visa holders.

        We do not offer any plan that covers maternity for B1 visa holders for 3 months. Please let me know if you have additional questions.