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    Full health insurance

    Hello. I am interested in full health insurance. I am a citizen of Ukraine. I am also interested in how to conclude an agreement, how much does it cost and what is needed for this?

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    Can you please clarify the following:

    Where do you need coverage?
    How long you need coverage?
    How old are you?


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      # Where do you need coverage? Florida, Miami
      # How long do you need coverage? at least 4 months.
      # How old are you? 22
      # Are you an international student/scholar and which school/organization are you going to study/exchange? not
      # Do you have to fulfil any specific insurance/waivers requirements from your school/organization? not
      I went to visit my relatives. Insurance is needed to be able to contact the doctor if all of a sudden.


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        Thank you for the clarifications. You can get a quote at as well as apply for the policy of choice online

        Simply answer the questions and click on “Get Quote”. You can compare the policies and complete the application for the policy of choice by clicking on the “Buy Now”

        Everything can be done online, once you completed the application of the policy of choice, payment can be made by a credit card (online) and the insurance documents can be emailed to you immediately after you submit the application.

        Some comprehensive plans that you can consider are Safe Travel Comprehensive, Atlas America, Liaison Choice.
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