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To buy US visitor insurance

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    To buy US visitor insurance

    Hi there,

    I am right now staying in California as a foreign visitor. I plan to stay here for about one year. I would like to buy a visitor insurance for Max coverage amount of $250,000-500,000. I wonder if the visitor insurance covers doctor visits of non-emergent illness?


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    Can you please let us know the ages for everyone needing coverage and we will be happy to suggest a plan that meets your requirement.


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      My age is 54, female. Only for myself. I am non-citizen, the non-green cardholder. My son here is a US citizen. I have been visiting him here. Since I will be staying here in S Cal for over a year maybe. I need a health insurance plan, that I can visit a doctor for non-emergent illness. Thank you for your quote and advice.


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        Based on the requirements in your email below, you can consider the Safe Travel USA Comprehensive plan. The plan follows a PPO network and waives the deductible and coinsurance if you use providers in the network.

        You can review the brochure for benefit details at
        You can get quotes as well as apply for the plan online at
        You can search for providers in the area at