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Medical Health insurance for new legal immigrant/green card holder

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    Thank you for your email.

    You can review the policies available for new immigrants at Simply answer the questions and click on “Get Quote”
    Policies include protection for prescriptions drugs as long it is for a new incident (illness or injury) and not linked with a pre-existing condition. The AM Best rating is indicative of the financial performance of the company.

    Payment can be done one time or monthly, depending on how you prefer. You will have to pay the premium for the amount of days you need coverage. Not all plans are renewal. If you opt for a renewable plan, you can buy the policy for a month and renew it before it expires.

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  • Medical Health insurance for new legal immigrant/green card holder


    What is the best medical/health insurance for my parents? They are new green card holder. My father is 63 y/o and my mother is 57 y/o. We live in Long County, GA and would like to know if the insurance is acceptable here and could be used if they need to visit a doctor to get prescription?

    Also, how would I know if this insurance company can be trusted?

    How's the payment? Is it monthly payment of I have to pay it all in one time?

    Thank you so much!