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Legal Visa immigrant who doesn't have a greencard yet....?

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  • Legal Visa immigrant who doesn't have a greencard yet....?

    Hello everyone in vg forums. I am getting married to an immigrant from Thailand, she will be coming to the U.S. soon on a K1 (fiance) visa. I already saw here on vg the article 'Obamacare for US Visitors and Immigrants.' Quoting here, from that article.....

    " 3. Green Card Holders Green card holders are also called permanent residents of the United States. Green card holders do have different rights to US citizens in a number of ways but when it comes to buying healthcare under the PPACA, green card holders are treated the same as citizens. All citizens, nationals, and residents must buy essential minimum health cover under the PPACA legislation. "

    However, anyone who is familiar with the K1 visa process, and the I-485 Adjustment of Status process which follows after you get married, knows very well that it typically takes around 6 months to get the I-485 petition approved and get the green card which follows. So I am wondering, when my fiance gets here, after we are married and are waiting for her I-485 and green card to be approved, does PPACA allow her to get health insurance here while we are waiting...? I have a good health plan with Medica through my employer, so I should be able to put her on my plan as my spouse once we are married, but are the laws and rules regarding that still the same if her I-485 hasn't been approved yet and she is still here on her K1 Visa....? If anyone who understands these issues could please help us shed some light on this so we will know ahead of time where we will stand we will greatly appreciate it, thanks in advance for any kind help anyone can give.