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Green Card Holder Health Insuarance for Self & wife

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    Green Card Holder Health Insuarance for Self & wife

    Myself 70 years and wife is 67 years. We have Green card and Visiting USA. We wish to cover Health Insurance for both

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    As Green card holders, you can consider either of the following for your visit to the US:
    1. Visitors Care (
    2. Patriot America (

    Please note the distinction between a ‘fixed benefits program’ and a ‘comprehensive program’.

    A fixed benefit plan has limits for each covered service, in addition to the overall medical maximum. For example with a policy that has a $50,000 maximum limit, a doctor office visit maybe covered at $75 per visit, $1400 per night in the hospital, after the deductible has been met. The policy brochure lists the Schedule of Benefits which describes these limits in detail.
    The Fixed Benefit plans offer coverage at lower premiums than the comprehensive plans. It is a good idea to check the brochure to see the protection limits for each expense so you are aware of the limits in the plan.
    Inbound USA. Visitors Care, Visitors Secure are examples of Fixed Benefit plans.

    A comprehensive plan does not have these sublimits and all covered services are covered up to the medical maximum (less the deductible and any applicable co insurance). There is typically a coinsurance - this is how the costs are shared by the insurance and the insured. Many plans pay 80% of the first $5,000 of expenses and a 100% there after. Some plans pay 100% if the insured goes within the network for treatment.
    The premiums are typically higher but the insured has the benefit of having a capped out of pocket maximum for eligible expenses.
    Atlas America, Patriot America, Liaison Continent are some popular examples of Comprehensive plans.