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What does Obamacare mean for SC?

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  • What does Obamacare mean for SC?

    What does Obamacare mean to those of us that live in SC

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    Pretty much the same as anywhere else in the country. Under Obamacare you need to have eligible healthcare insurance or you will have to pay a penalty. You can find affordable healthcare insurance schemes in the Health Insurance Marketplace. The aim of Obamacare is for everyone to be insured with good quality health coverage, whether they are in SC or NY.


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      The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA),[1][2] commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or "Obamacare",[3] is a United States federal statute signed into law by PresidentBarack Obama on March 23, 2010. Together with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act,[4] it represents the most significant regulatory overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965.[5] - wikipedia

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