Visitor Insurance for travelers on Vande Bharat flights

When the COVID-19 pandemic began peaking in the months of March and April, millions of travelers worldwide were suddenly stranded away from home. As the number of available flights rapidly dwindled, travelers scrambled to book evacuation flights offered by their homelands or were forced to self-isolate abroad. India was among Continue reading

How to Choose Visitor Insurance for Your Travelling Parents

Travelling parents need to purchase visitor insurance that fits their current health and travel requirements. When your relatives are about to visit, you often think of making plans such as attractions they can see, events they can attend and business they can address. However, we tend to plan a lot Continue reading

Indian-Americans Facing Hurdles While Visiting India Due to an Enforced Rule

Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholders in the US have been facing serious problems while visiting India because of the sudden enforcement of an Indian rule related to OCI Card renewals. This problem has now been highlighted in a social activist’s petition to the Indian Ambassador in the US. Enforcement Continue reading

Fixed Coverage vs Comprehensive Coverage – Which is Better?

Visitor Health Insurance: Fixed Coverage vs. Comprehensive Coverage Planning a visit to the United States? You will want to start shopping for visitor medical insurance USA. Visitor insurance will ensure that you will be covered should you experience a sudden illness or injury during your trip overseas. Healthcare in the Continue reading

Visitor Health Insurance: What Qualifies as a Pre-existing Condition?

Visitor Health Insurance: What Qualifies as a Pre-existing Condition?

If you are planning an upcoming vacation to the United States and are looking at purchasing visitor health insurance to cover any medical expenses during your trip, you have probably come across the term “pre-existing condition” more than once in your research. If you are unfamiliar with medical insurance, you Continue reading

Visitor Insurance for Parents 101: A Comprehensive Guide for USA Visitors

Many students and professionals alike immigrate to the United States with the goal of getting an American education or exploring a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity. Most parents of these pioneering souls sacrificed time, resources, and finances so their children could explore these international opportunities. Now these students and professionals can return the favor by having their parents come visit the USA Continue reading